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Clayton Heathcock Jr.
This web site was created and is maintained by Clayton Heathcock Jr. It is based on research that began in 1977 when my son Steven Heathcock was 16 years old. After watching the movie Roots on TV, Steven asked me "Dad, what do we know about our ancestors?" I responded that I knew the names of my four grandparents, and where they lived, but little more. So we decided to find out. We started by driving to San Antonio, Texas, where I was born, and interviewed my mother, Frances Lay. Then we drove over to the County Court Houses of Wilson and Williamson Counties, where my grandparents lived their lives. We consulted the census microfilms at the San Antonio Public Library and discovered the names of some of my great grandparents. This led us to drive to Huntsville, Alabama and Jackson, Mississippi. We returned to California by way of Salt Lake City, where we spent a week in the LDS Library. When we arrived back home we had built a chart with almost 900 names. I have continued the hobby since then. Quite a few families are represented--my ancestors, those of my two ex-wives, Ruth Sims and Cheri Hadley, and those of the spouses of my children. The database now includes >9000 families with about 20,000 people. I appreciate comments, corrections and additions.
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