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Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameHullum Jones , GGG Uncle
Birth17 Apr 1797, Raleigh, NC
Death27 Sep 1870, Indiana399 Age: 73
BurialOld Kimball Cemetery, near Owensville Indiana351
FatherEbenezer Jones (1763-1862)
MotherMary Wroten (1762-1829)
Birth5 Mar 1798
Deathca 1870, Cynthiana, IN Age: 71
BurialOld Kimball Cemetery, near Owensville Indiana351
FatherJesse Kimball Sr. (1760-1857)
MotherElizabeth Roelofson (1796-)
Marriage17 Oct 1819366
ChildrenElisha Ebenezer (1820-1911)
 Levi (1823-1910)
 Polly (1826-)
 Silas (1828-1862)
 William Alfred (1831-1885)
 Enoch (1834-1932)
 Smith (1836-)
Notes for Hullum Jones
"Hullum Jones I was a great hunter. His grandson, Hullum Jones II remembered feeding his grandfather's horses ten ears of corn each, when he came to visit via covered wagon from Indiana to Illinois, about an 80-mile trip."370

From a letter of Beth Wilson, 20 Oct. 1986:400

The most important thing we found that you may not be aware of is the location of Hullum’s tombstone which we located and took slides of….You should get a USGS topographical map of the Cynthiana Quadrangle 7.5 minute series if possible as it is shown there as the Knowles Cemetery…It is in Montgomery twp., section 35, in the southwest quarter.  We were there in August and the cemetery was surrounded by wheat fields. It is totally overgrown with small trees very close together. There is a dirt road that passes next to it however and you can see 5 or 6 tombstones from the road.  I could tell you a very funny story about my husband and a scythe and a hornet’s nest but I will just warn you that if you intend to go into the cemetery, cover yourself up…and watch for hornet’s nests.

Hullum’s tombstone as you face the cemetery from the road is on the right up in the trees. It is over on its side (I think Joyce Ann told me it is now upright - - RON) but my husband got a picture of both sides of it.  It says “Hullum Jones died Sept. 27, 1870 aged 73 yrs. 5 mo. 10 days”. The other side says “This monument erected by the 5 living sons viz. Elisha, Levi, Alfred, Enoch & Smith”

…In the notebook at the Princeton Public Library…it is referred to as the Kimball cemetery in one place and the location is given as in section 23. Section 23 is where Hullum’s farm was and I do not think there is a cemetery there. The list (apparently done 1939-40) for the cemetery seemed to some degree to be given in the order the graves were however we could not find the tombstone for Hullum’s wife which was given in this list or the ones for Jesse Kimball and his wife which are also here. According to the list and the 5 or 6 graves along the road, Jesse’s should have been right in front on the left but we looked and couldn’t find it. After I got home I found something that indicated that his might have been a slab flat on the ground and we were looking for one standing or fallen over so it might still be there.

….First mention of Hullum in land deeds was in 1824 I believe. He bought part of the northwest portion of section 23, twp. 3, range 12 on 20 Sept. 1824. This was the second section northeast of where Jesse’s land was. Later Hullum bought more land in this section. The year Hullum and Sarah died they leased their farm and bought a house in town (Princeton).  You probably know the family tradition that Hullum had a farm and also a store and mill on his land.

….Emma Jones Pruitt Howey (daughter of Elisha…) described her grandmother Sarah as being short, plump and round faced with a very even temper.  She says she was an excellent cook and housekeeper. She said Hullum was heavy-set and very hospitable and always had a cellar full of apples and a store of cider and brandy. Emma said Hullum’s store was nearby across from the house. Sarah, she said, made a great amount of butter and cheese and had many chickens.  Their house had two very large rooms with a fireplace in each, and 2 beds in each room. One room had the best furniture and a carpet in it.  The floor was made of white hickory and the house was weather boarded. Emma said that Hullum and Sarah both died at her father’s house.

I forgot to mention that 2 of Hullum and Sarah’s children are also buried in the Knowles-Kimball cemetery. Polly who died at 2 yrs. on 10 Oct. 1828 and a male infant that lived only 3 days and died 10 Dec. 1836.

The only other thing I wanted to clarify was that Sarah Kimball Jones’ first husband before Hullum was Jesse W. Kimball by whom she had a son Charles and a son John. Jesse W. Kimball was Sarah’s cousin and son of her uncle Issac Kimball. Proof of this may be found in Posey county Probate Records Book 1815-1827, page 121 where Jesse Kimball Sr. was appointed in May 1819 guardian of John and Charles Kimball sons of Jesse and Sarah Kimball their father having died.  In Olive Smith’s book Sarah’s first husband is listed as Charles and this is not correct.

* * * * * * * * *
Notes for Hullum Jones
Excerpts from an article to the Editor of a newspaper in Cynthiana published January 31, 1941 and written, first person, by Marion Harris, he was born in 1863:400

When I was about 5 years old…we moved onto the farm of uncle Enos Knowles, his wife Elizabeth Gates Knowles, a grand daughter of Jess Kimball.  The house we lived in was about a quarter mile from the home and the noted spring of grandpa Kimball, and our water was carried from this spring for some time….the family were all good musicians and they later moved to Cynthiana…. The spring was a great stomping ground of the Indians in the early days and at times stone implements and arrowheads were plowed under or picked up as common as pebbles along a stream. Another family of note was Uncle Hullum..(??, missing words)..well as I remember his wife Phylis, was a grand daughter of the elder Jess. Uncle Hullem was a successful farmer and had a store on his farm, and sold goods to people for miles around. He also owned an old stone burrs mill, to grind grain for the people. He passed way while I was yet a small lad, and aunt Phylis apparently very healthy, was so grief stricken, that she too passed away and they were buried in the same grave….
Notes for Hullum Jones
A book on the life of Hullum Jones and Sarah Kimball has been published by family historian Gilbert X. Drendel.401
Notes for Sarah (Spouse 1)
The Olive Smith book lists Sarah's first husband as Charles, this is incorrect, her son was Charles, her husband was Jesse W. Kimball son of Jesse Sr.'s brother Isaac.354

By 1810 Cynthiana, KY had a population of 369, and in 1816 the state of IN was established. The old histories relate that “in March 1817, a party of 40 from Harrison Co., KY, led by William Davis floated down the Ohio River and landed at an undesignated point, thence marching north to a site where they established a ‘new’ Cynthiana in Posey Co., IN….Among the first land entries in Posey Co. were: William Davis,…Louis Williams, …and in 1817; Elisha Kimball, Herndon and Harrison Meadows, and George Lowe…and so on.355
Notes for Hullum & Sarah (Family)
The marriage date was reported by another source365 as 23 April 1845.
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