Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameWilliam Wroten , GGGG Grandfather
Birthca 1707
Death1789, Mispillion Hundred, Kent Co DE Age: 82
1Sabra Brown 369, GGGG Grandmother
Birthca 1738
Deathbef 9 Oct 1795 Age: 57
ChildrenMary (1762-1829)
 Nancy Ann (ca1769-1854)
 James (1766-1812)
Notes for William Wroten
Following from the research of Jones historian Gilbert X. Drendel:369

William Wroten died in 1789 without a will. His wife Sabra Roten resigned administration of his estate “to my sons Henry and James” with a signature evidencing old age or infirmity and the statement -- “as I thought myself incapable of the task”. Whoever wrote the resignation spelled her name “Sabrough,” another example of how casual folks in those times were about spelling names. The change of administrators occurred on December 8, 1789. The final estate account occurred August 29, 1792.

William Wroten died without a will. Therefore, all heirs (in this case spouse and children) were entitled to a share of his estate. In the final account of his estate, money was received from Zebulon Hopkins, which is no surprise since he was a neighbor. Money was paid out to the same Hopkins and Henry Wroten for expenses of the estate and to an “Isaiah Jones” (a person I have not yet pursued fully). However, in the inventory of his non-real estate assets (tools, furniture etc) some of them were set off to heirs as their share of the estate. This is the entry that is important:

“Sundries let Mary Jones have in part of her portion” value = 30 pounds, 17 shillings, 6 pence”

We connect Mary to the nearby William Wroten family by sharing in her father’s estate and with a mother named Sabre.

Who is this Mary Jones? Given the geographic proximity of the Jones and Wroten families, the common neighbors and persons of acquaintanceship, and the shared family names, we know this Mary Jones is Ebenezer’s wife.

If Mary was a child of Sabra and William Roten, why was she not recognized in Sabra’s will?
Answer – Mary Jones was clearly their child as she inherited from William. In a will, such as Sabra’s, the decedent may pass her estate as she wishes and to whom she wishes. Apparently Delaware law, at that time, did not require that a will specifically identify and disinherit heirs. Sabra only owned some animals and a few household items. She may have decided it was impractical and unnecessary to remember Mary in her will when Mary lived hundreds of miles away and must have had substantial household items for her own family of seven children.

Following from Land Records of Kent Co DE:413

Grantor: James & Frances Wroten, John & Sabery Cheasman (Cheasam) and Bayley & Nancy Addams, heirs of William Wroten
Grantee: Henry Wroten

Probably indicates that James Wroten, Sabery (Sabra?), Nancy, and Henry were sons and daughters of William Wroten.
Research notes for William Wroten
Following form

Posted by: Mary Llewellyn Date: March 12, 2007 at 22:45:58
In Reply to: William Wroten and Johanna Abbey by Dawn M Carroll-Roten

Ezekiah Roden and Margaret Rootes were married in Jamestown, Va in 1620. I have 2 children: William Roden and Ann Roots Rowden.
William Roden I was born 1627 at Jamestown, Va and died 1705 at Dorcester, Maryland. He married Johanna Abbey in 1659 and they had 7 children
Margaret Roughton or Rowden
Elizabeth Roughton
Thomas Roden
Allina Roughton
Diana Roughton
William Roden II
Isaac Elias Roughton

Johanna was the daughter of William Abbey.
Ezekiah was the son of Sir Thomas Wroughton of Wiltshire England and Anna (Berwick?)
Sir Thomas was the son of William Roughton and Eleanor Lewknor

Thomas Roden married Anne and they had 4 children
Esther Rowden
Joshua Rowden
Rachael Rowden
John Roden

John Roden married Elizabeth Winman and they had 4 children
John Roden
William Roden sr
Sarah Roden
Thomas Winman Roden

William Roden II married Hannah Winman and they had 6 children.
Thomas Rowden
William Roden
John Roden
Dorcus Rhodin
Josais Rowden

William Roden married Sabra Brown and they had 2 children
Thomas Winman Roden
Rachel Roden

Thomas Winman Roden married Mary and they had 2 children
Thomas Roden sr
Mary Roden
I have much more if you need it.

I have written to Mary Llewellyn on 26 May 2008 for information on source of this information.
Notes for Sabra (Spouse 1)
Mary Jones’ mother’s name has also been given as Sally (or Sabea) Vance.407

Following from research of Gilbert X. Drendel:369

“Sabre Wroton” prepared a will whose date I do not have. Her estate was inventoried on October 9, 1795 (where she was described as “Sabro Rotten”. She left her estate “to my daughter Ann Adams one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, six pewter plates, six earthen ??, my side saddle, and all my wairing apparel, one duch oven, one iron pot, one kittel, ?? table; To my grandson Henry Adams or Wroten, one cow and calf and heifer and their increase”; Balance of estate to be equally divided between my son Henry, my son James and my daughter Ann Adams”. (original spelling unchanged)
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