Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameDancy Hathcock , GGGG Uncle
Birthca 1795, NC
Death1865, St Clair Co AL Age: 70
FatherHosea Hathcock (ca1752-<1836)
Birthca 1795, NC
Marriage16 Sep 1816, Madison Co AL1002
ChildrenWilliam (1823-1888)
 Alderson (1826-1888)
 Mahala (1833-)
 Elizabeth (1835-)
 Francis Marion (1837-1863)
Notes for Dancy Hathcock
Dancy Hathcock529

Dancy Hathcock was born in North Carolina about 1795, lived in Elbert County, Georgia in his youth and moved to Madison County, Alabama as a young man, and later lived in St. Clair County, Alabama between 1820 and 1870.

St. Clair County, Alabama is situated in the north central part of the state, and is bound on the north by Blount and Etowah counties, on the south by Talladega and Shelby, on the east by Etowah, Calhoun, and Talladega, and on the west by Blount, Jefferson, and Shelby. St. Clair County was created by an act, 20 November 1818, and its territory was taken from Shelby County. By an act of the legislature, 20 December 1820, a part of St. Clair County was added to Jefferson County. The first seat of justice was incorporated at Ashville in 1822 when the Courthouse was erected. St. Clair County bears the name of General Arthur St. Clair of the Revolutionary Army. General Andrew Jackson built Fort Strother near Greenport during the Creek Indian Wars in 1813 and 1814. After the Indian treaty at Fort Jackson on 29 October 1813, St. Clair County was visited by many prospectors and by 1815 some settlements had been made. The influx of settlers greatly increased in 1816 and many permanent homes were made in what later became Shelby County. Georgians and Carolinians reached St. Clair County on the Coosa River by crossing the Chattahoochee River at the upper Shallow Ford, passing through Rome, Georgia, crossing will's Creek near Bennettsville and thence skirting the east side of the mountain. Dancy Hathcock made his journey from his previous residence in Madison County, Alabama by traveling down the old Indian trail that led from Ditto's landing to Mudtown on the Cahaba River and from then on to his new place of settlement.

Dancy Hathcock and his young wife Lucinda Lansen or Lawson, moved to St. Clair county from Madison county, Alabama between 1817 and 1820. He is enumerated on a Madison County census of 1815 and he was married in Madison County on 16 September 1816. Even though no records are preserved that document the name of Dancy's parents nor his exact birthplace, other historical records imply that his father may have been John Hathcock, Sr., born in North Carolina in 1774 and who lived in Elbert county, Georgia until about 1817. Denson Hathcock, believed to be a brother of John Hathcock, Sr., also moved to Madison County about 1812.

The 1820 Census of St. Clair County enumerates Dancy Hathcock as the only Hathcock man in St. Clair County at that time. St. Clair County is one of the few counties in Alabama that is found in the 1820 census records. Most of the records of other counties have long since been lost or destroyed. The 1820 census only lists the name of the household and indicates if he was over or under twenty-one years of age. These early census records do not give the name of the wife or the name of the children. The names of the two male children in the 1820 census are unknown, but they were probably William and Alderson.

The census records up to 1850 only indicate the name of the head of household, who is usually the husband. In some cases the head of a household is a widow, in which case the woman of the house is recorded. The census records up to 1850 only record the approximate ages of the children and the wife; therefore, it is necessary to speculate as to the names of the children.

The 1850 census records indicate the names and age of the husband, wife, and all children. In the census of that year, William, perhaps Dancy's oldest son, is found in a separate household of his own, since he married Pernita Green on 3 October 1844 in St. Clair County.

Also found in the 1850 census records of St. Clair county is a James Hitchcock, age 8, living in the household of John McCoy. This may have been a mistake in the records and the name may have been Hathcock. This was a common mistake in the early records, Hathcock being spelled as Heathcock, Hethcock, Hithcock, Hitchcock, Hathcock, Haithcock, Hethcox, and other similar spellings.

By 1860, Alderson Hathcock, second son of Dancy had married a woman by the name of Judea, and had a family of his own. He was living next door to his father and his brother William on 25 June 1860. They all lived near Beason Church in Township 13 of Range 3 East in St. Clair County. This location is situated near the present town of Whitney, Alabama. The area is known as Hathcock's Gap.

Dancy Hathcock and his two oldest sons, William and Alderson, were all living next to each other in St. Clair County just prior to the Civil War.

Samuel L. Hathcock, son of William Hathcock, eventually settled in Blount County, Alabama with his brother Francis Marion Hathcock. Francis Marion married Mary Ann Wildman in Bounty County, Alabama, 12 september 1861. He enlisted as a private in the Civil War, 21 August 1862 at Mt. Alvis in Blount County, Alabama, in Company E, 12th Regiment of the Alabama Calvary, CSA.

Dancy Hathcock undoubtedly died in St. Clair County sometime between 1860 and 1870. His place of burial is unknown. After the Civil War, some of the children and grandchildren of Dancy Hathcock remained in St. Clair County. The census of St. Clair County taken in July of 1870 enumerates only two Hathcock families. One family was that of Dancy's grandson, Alderson Fletcher Hathcock who was the son of William Hathcock. The other family cannot be identified because of the omission of the first name in the census record. However, it is believed to have been Sackfill Hathcock, son of Isiah Hathcock who lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in 1860. The son of Isiah Hathcock, Sackfill M. Hathcock married Mary E. Hoyle on 25 January 1866 in Russell County, Alabama.

Sackfill M. Hathcock appears in the census of Tallapoosa County, Alabama in 1850 and 1860 as the son of Isiah Hathcock who moved to Alabama from Georgia between 1849 and 1852. Isiah Hathcock was born in ~1810 married Sara Ann Walker, daughter of Sackfill Walker and Sarah Huguley, 7 December 1836. Isiah lived in Russell county, Alabama in 1840. Since the parents of Sackfill Hathcock came from Elbert County, Georgia, it is likely that these two families were related and descendents of Hosea Hathcock.

The 1880 census of St. Clair county also includes the sons and grandsons of Dancy Hathcock. William and Alderson Hathcock, the oldest sons of Dancy Hathcock are recorded. Their sons are recorded, as well as some Hathcock families who have not been identified. Since Dancy Hathcock does not appear in the 1870 or 1880 census records, it is assumed that he died during this period. William's wife was called "Nita," but her full name was Purnetia Ann Green. Family tradition relates that William's oldest son, Irby N. called “Woody”, disappeared at an early age and was never heard of again. It is possible that he enlisted in the Civil War and was killed. Eowever, no Civil War records appear to relate to Irby N. Hathcock. His full name is believed to have been Irby Nathan.

Alderson Fletcher Hathcock, the second son of William, according to records in the National Archives in Washington, D.C., was born in 1846 in St. Clair, Alabama. At the age of 18, on 5 February 1864, he enlisted as a Private in Company G, 12th Regiment of the Tennessee Volunteer Calvary, USA. His place of enlistment was Charlotte, Tennessee on 30 April 1864, then was transferred to Company D of the same regiment. It was unusual that he would have enlisted with the Federal Forces rather than the Confederate Forces, being a native of Alabama. He undoubtedly traveled to Tennessee for the specific purpose of enlistment. He was mustered out of service on 7 October 1865 at Ft. Levenworth, Kansas. After the war he married Sidney Adaline Issacs, born in 1850, daughter of Samuel Issacs, on 19 February 1870 in St. Clair, County. Their children were: Lucy E., born 11 May 1871, died 11 April 1885; Mary Ann, born 10 July 1873, married 26 May 1888; Francis M., born 5 May 1875, married 20 September 1888; Robert Pickpey, born 9 April 1877, 3arried Edna Thompson whose sons were Lewis and Richard; Nellie R., born 26 January 1879; William Jackson, born 27 February 1881, married Diller Tucker; and Samuel L., called Fayette, born 23 March 1883 and died 20 July 1893. All these children were born in the vicinity of Slate, Alabama in St. Clair county. Alderson Fletcher Hathcock died in St. Clair County, 23 July 1883 at the age of 37 of typhoid pneumonia. His wife, Sidney Adaline later married Thomas Mearge Harris on 18 December 1889 at her residence in St. Clair county. In 1893 she was living in Walker County, Alabama, near Powelville. Neely R. is believed to have married Howell Dorough of Shelby County, Alabama and is believed to be buried in Tallassee, Alabama. William Jackson is buried at the Griggs Place in Marion County, Alabama. His son, Robert Pickney, lived on Star Route, Eldridge, Alabama 35554 in 1974.

Another son of William Hathcock and grandson of Dancy was Andrew Jackson Hathcock who was born 17 July 1853 and died in 1929, and is buried in the Goodhope Cemetery near Cullman, Alabama. Andrew Jackson married Charity Marie Autra and later married Mattie Hooper. He had a large family and his descendents are found in many parts of Alabama today. His sons included: Talmage Dewitt, Ramon A., William Henry, and Raford Henry. Several of these sons are buried in Goodhope Cemetery near Cullman, Alabama. Ramon A., born 1884, married Temperance Bradley in 1933. Their children were: Ruby, Jewel, Truman, Tillman, Pearl, Warren, Efford, and Joy.

Richard Henry Hathcock, son of William Hathcock, married Rebecca Ann Johnson and lived near Shackelford, Alabama. Helen L. Hayes (Mrs. Billy J.), 5105 Nell Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76119, reported in 1983 that the children of Richard Henry Hathcock and Rebecca Ann Johnson were:

Willis F., b. 31 March 1889, d. 28 November bur. Oklahoma
Jessie Levi, b. 30 May 1891, d. 15 January 1968 bur. Mabank, Texas
Joseph Rhone, b. 5 November 1892, d. 30 August 1967 bur. Estace, Texas
Allie Mae, b. 18 January 1894 bur. Oklahoma
R. Arthur, b. 3 July 1895, d. 4 June 1945 bur. Alvarado, Texas
Allen Sylvester, b. 24 February 1897, d. 6 January 1982 cremated New Mexico
Neatie Viola, b. 26 February 1900, d. 6 February 1973 bur. Cleburne, Texas
Ernest Henry, b. 23 July 1901, d. 13 August 1968 bur. Ft. Worth, Texas
Callie Idella, b. 14 July 1902, d. 22 September 1905 bur.
Bessie Bee, b. 14 March 1903, d. 9 May 1968 bur. Kennedale, Texas
William Logan, b. 22 February 1907 bur. California
Perlie D., b. 9 January 1908, d. 6 April 1918 bur. Alvarado, Texas
Ervin Clarence, b. 11 October 1912, d. 23 August 1951 bur. Alvarado, Texas
Myrtle Jewel, b. 30 April 1915, d. 14 December 1954 bur. Alvarado, Texas

The daughter of William, Julie Ann, married a Mr. Lowe, and they had a daughter named Francina. Julie Ann is buried in the Antioch Cemetery in St. Clair County.

George Washington Hathcock, Sr., son of William Hathcock, married Cynthia Johnson. They had sons named William Henry and George Washington, Jr. He died in Birmingham, Alabama in 1901 of an accident while employed as an iron worker.

John Hathcock, the youngest son of William, married Eliza Gonner and moved to Texas. He is buried in Crisp, Texas. William had another son named William Lewis Hathcock, whose descendents live in Ortonville, MI. (See next page.)

Three other Hathcock families are found in the 1880 census. They are: Isiah Hathcock, Amos Hathcock and Marion Hathcock, sons of Isiah Hathcock, Sr., originally of Troup County, Georgia.

William Lewis Hathcock, son of William Hathcock and Purnitia Green, and grandson of Dancy Hathcock was born 27 January 1869 in St. Clair, County, Alabama. He married Mary Lou Kilgore and died 4 April 1955 in Oneonta, Blount County, Alabama. Both are buried in the Antoch Cemetery 3 miles east on Highway 231, one-half mile north on Highway 20 in Blount County. Larry Hathcock, 808 Sands Road, Ortonville, MI 48462 maintains a record of the descendants of William Lewis Hathcock (1982). The Family Bible was last in the possession of Allen Sylvester Hathcock of Ft. Worth, Texas before his death 6 January 1982. He, was the son of Richard Henry Hathcock, the brother of William Lewis Hathcock. The Bible information was copied in 1970 and provided to the Author. It contained only names without dates as follows:

Richard (Henry)
Fletcher (Alderson)
Woody (Irby Nathan)
Will (William Lewis)
Sam (Samuel L.)
Jack (Andrew Jackson)
George (waspington)
John (Robert)
Sook (Julie Ann ?)
Wren (Sara Larena)

1850 Census of St Clair Co AL
Name Age
Dancy Harthcock 55 NC
Lusinda Harthcock 50 NC
Alderson Harthcock 24 AL
Mehala Harthcock 19 AL
Elizabeth Harthcock 17 AL
Marrion Harthcock 13 AL

1860 Census of Township 13 Range 3 East, St Clair Co AL; PO Ashville
Name Age

Dancy Hathcock 70 NC
Lucinda Hathcock 65 NC
Mahala Hathcock 27 AL
Elizabeth Hathcock 25 AL
Francis M Hathcock 23 AL

Adjacent family is Alderson Hathcock
Notes for Lucinda (Spouse 1)
It has been said by several posters on the internet that Lucinda was full-blooded Cherokee.
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