Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameDavid Harriss Sr. 320, 5G Grandfather
Birthca 1745, VA
Deathabt 1815, Clarke Co GA Age: 70
1Elizabeth Rich , 5G Grandmother
Birthca 1740
Deathca 1820, Clarke Co GA1027 Age: 80
Marriage19 Nov 1760, St. James Northam Par, Goochland County, Virginia1092
 Sucky (ca1785-ca1814)
 Thomas (ca1770-1815)
 William David (~1772->1855)
 Elizabeth Jane (1774-1850)
 Isham (1774-1825)
 Tyre (ca1776-1848)
 David (1780-1829)
Notes for David Harriss Sr.
The best resource for David Harriss Sr. information is a web site maintained by Martha Poplin Harris.1093

Note from Marvin Harris:1026

Moved from Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Clarke County, Georgia in 1798 (Susan Nockton).

Susan Nockton said date of death was about 1814, but since there is a warranty deed from him and his wife Elizabeth made on November 1, 1814 and recorded January 11, 1815, I have chosen about 1815 as date of death.

On October 1, 1814 David Harriss sold to David Harris, Junior, for $250 eighty-one acres on Shoal Creek, Clarke County, Georgia. Witnesses were H. Boling and Wm. D. Harriss. Recorded September 28, 1815. (Record Deed Clarke County, Book I & K, Book K, pp. 72-73)

On November 1, 1814 David Harriss and wife Elizabeth Harriss sold to Charles A. Redd for $200 one hundred and seventy acres of land on which they lived. Witnesses were H. Boling and William D. Harriss. Recorded Jan 11, 1815. (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book F & G, Book G, p. 394)

On November 1, 1814 David Harriss bought from Tyre Harriss for $84 thirty acres on Shoal Creek, Clarke County, Georgia. Witnesses were H. Boling, Wm. D. Harriss and G.Y. Farrah, J.P. Recorded January 11, 1815. (Record of Deed Clarke County, Book F & G; Book G, pp. 394-395)
Notes for David Harriss Sr.
Jeptha P. Harris was found to be a descendant of David Harris Sr. This was proven by DNA. Harris DNA Project: # ZW8K7. The DNA also matches the William Woods (b.1705) line, indicating that David was possibly born a "Woods" and was raised/adopted by Harrises. (Probably by John Harris) The circumstances of his birth (possibly illegitimate or by a second wife?) is not known at this time and may never be known.320

Following is from a page summarizing Harris Y-DNA project results:1029

Lineage #5.—DNA Kit #17997—Ysearch ID #SD34H. This is for the line of Albert H. Harris (1823-1899).
He is a great-grandson of David Harris, Sr. (ca. 1745-ca. 1820) of Clarke County, Georgia as listed in other lineages in this group.

This Kit’s Ysearch user ID is SD34H. Additional information on the paternal line can be found on theYsearch user ID page for SD34H

This family’s migration pattern is: Virginia > Clarke Co., GA > Marshall Co., MS > Morgan Co., AL > Williamson Co., TX.

This kit is a 67-marker test that belongs to the R1b1a2 haplogroup. It matches the 67-marker modal in all results with no variances. This kit belongs to the R1b1a2 haplogroup which is a subset of the R1b1 haplogroup. Because of a very close match with a Woods family DNA, Kit#17997 has been moved to the Woods Y-DNA surname project. It is thought by the DNA submitter that David Harris appears to descend from a Woods line based on exact DNA matches from the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation database. The lineage supplied by the DNA Kit submitter at http://www.harrisdna.org/info/17997.html is found here:

Michael Woods (b. 1684 d. 1762) or a very close relation such as a brother
Unknown Harris/Woods
David Harris Sr (b. abt 1745 VA d. abt 1820 Clarke Co, GA)
    +married Elizabeth
William D Harris (b. abt 1772 d. aft Feb 1851)
    +married Diadamia
William M Harris (b. abt 1801 d. aft 1850)
    +married Lucinda Scoggins
Albert H. Harris (b.1823 d. 1899)
    +married Susannah Wiggins
James Sylvanus Harris (b.1852 d.1924)
    +married Mary Elizabeth Tatom
Samuel Blackwell Harris (b.1885 d.1969)
    +married Fannie Brady
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