Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameJames Kear 1222, GGGG Grandfather
BirthDec 1753, Dumfries-shire, Scotland
Deathaft 1835 Age: 81
FatherJames Ker (1725-)
1Mary (Mollie) Shelton 1222,299, GGGG Grandmother
Birth1770 - 1780, Rutherford Co NC
Deathaft 1830 Age: 60
FatherDr. John Shelton (1734-1810)
Marriageca 1796
ChildrenJoel (1796-1871)
 John M. C. (1798-1881)
 William (1798-)
 James (1800-)
 Louvina (1808-1901)
 Mary (1812-)
 Sarah (1814-1905)
 Nancy (1797-1860)
Notes for James Kear

James Kear (pronounced Carr) came from the low lands of Scotland at the age of 19 years to America. His father died and left two sons, John and James and they were reared by their uncle John Kear.

James Kear was married to Mollie Shelton of Charleston, N. C. in about the year of 1796 and to this union were born ten children. Sally Kear Woods, Nancy Kear Buckner, Joe Kear, John Kear, Susan Kear Literal, James Kear, Betsy Kear Robinson, Louvina and Mary Kear Huff and William Kear. Louvina Kear married Joseph Huff and Mary Kear married William Huff, Arthur Huff’s grandfather. Huff brothers married Kear sisters. Louvina Kear married in Siever Co., Tenn. Notice it was Jan. 26, 1827 and Matilda was born Oct. 17, 1827, and they came to Mo. before William was born on June 2, 1829, and returned to Tennessee and William was born in Tennessee and then they came back to Missouri and Aunt Sally was born in Missouri Jan. 23, 1831 and when she was a few weeks old (I think six weeks) they moved to Glover from Arcadia near where Evelyn Sutton Parks lived and they hadn’t a door made yet to the cabin and grandfather went off hunting one morning and got lost and grandmother put the table up to the door and kept a big fire up all night to keep the wolves away, and Aunt Sally got colic and cried and she got what little soot she could from the new chimney and made tea for her to keep her from crying. I’ve heard her tell this many times. The old deeds show that they went to Glover in 1831 and the abstract of Dr. Farrar’s home and the old foks (Baptist) home show they bought if from grandfather so that is when they settled, when they first came and the second place was when or near the Lambert place and then to Glover in early 1831. She said they hated to leave the one acre of meadow they had started in Arcadia in 1830.

Mary Shelton’s father came from Wales and was educated there and was a Doctor and she learned under him and was a Doctor and they specialized on dropsy and had a little colony of a few cabins when their patients could come and stay for treatment, this was in North Carolina.

Notice Grandma said Mollie and James Kear were married in about the year of 1796. This can’t be right even if Grandma was the oldest child as Grandma was born June 2, 1808 and would have been twelve years after their marriage and the way she gave me their names it seems Grandma was the seventh child that would have been seven children in twelve years. I assume it was possible all right, Bill and Lucy Reed had ‘em about a year apart some of the time.

I asked you about Aunt Sallie’s death. I have it on my record as Feb. 15. 1905 and I never went to her funeral. I know I would if I had been there at Glover unless I was sick. I remember mother telling me about her condition and about going there to see her.

Do hope you are well and will have a very very Merry Christmas and a good New Year.

Carrie, Dec. 19, 1953


KEAR FAMILY: A Story of the Huff Family, Eileen Martin Bone, 1954299

James Kear (pronounced Carr) came from Scotland* just before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. He was 19 years old at the time. James’ father had died so James and his brother John were reared by their uncle John Kear. It is not known whether the uncle John and his family came to the United States.

[*One family source says the Kears were from the Lowlands and another says Highlands. James Kear’s daughter, Luvina Kear Huff, always said Lowland, while John Kear, grandson, says Highland. Only a thorough search in Scotlnd will reveal the proper area.]

James’ entry into the Colonies was described by his grandson, John Kear, in a letter written September 11, 1939, dictated to Sarah Oakley, John’s sister, to send to Isaac Kear, John’s grandson”

“. . . . Lord Corn Wales (Cornwallis) put out his proclamation that all the good Loyal people should stayed at home in peace. Then he sent out another Proclamation that all who had sinned [signed] the first should fight on land or sea. So my Grandfather went on a ship and was out of sight of land for some time. Then they came back to land and he and three others left the ship in the night and one of them was the name [man ?] of steel. He was their leader and talker until they got out of the English lines, then my Grandfather went to North Carolina and settled in Rutherford Co.”**

[**Whether Cornwallis’s Proclamation to fight was used by James Kear to get passage from England to the Colonies to fight is unclear the way the letter is written. Family tradition says that the Kears hated the English “worst than the devil hates Holy Water!” These clever Scots could have taken advantage by joining the English Navy, gaining access to the Colonies and jumping ship near Cape Fear in the Carolinas.]

James married Miss Mollie Shelton of Rutherford Co., N. C. about 1796. James was born about 1755 and Mollie was born between 1760 and 1770, as determined from census records. About 1808 or 1809 Mollie and James came down the French Broad River by the warm springs and lived in the north of Sevier Co., Tennessee; they moved a number of times, and finally settled near Pigeon Forge. Mollie and James were Missionary Baptist, good Christians, and church supporters.

James and Mollie had ten children. They both lived to be quite old; James was 80 or 85 when he died. They both died after 1830.


Letter written by John Kear to Isaac Kear, copied by Nora Kear for Sarah Oakley, Sept 11, 1939.299

"Well James my Grand father came to this country just before the beginning of the Revolutionary War then a young man he was. He came from Scotland a highlander. His brother he never heard from his brother after he came to this Country. I supposed he was about 20 years old. Lord Corn Wales put out his Proclimation it said all the good Loyal people should stay at home in piece then he sends out another Proclimation that all who had sined the first should fite on land ore sea so my grand father went on a ship and was out of site of land for some time then they came back to land and him and three others left the ship in the night and one of them was the name of steel he was their leader and talker till they got out of the English lines then my Grand father went to North Carolina and he settled in Retherford County. There he found his Wife Misses Shelton. There my father was borned he was the oldest one of the family. He was borned 1796. January th. 5. Tare was four boys. Joel. John. James. William and 4 ore 5 girls. Well My Grand Father was a Protestant and I think he was a baptist and Christian. Well they came to this country. 1808 or 9. they Come down the french broad river and by the warm springs and settled on the North side of Sevier County. they lived on lones branch and Richersons Come and at fair garden My father bought a farm in the 10th district on guesses Creek and lived there 6 years. Then he Moved to Mill Creek near Pigeon forge lived there 3 years on rented land. Then came to the 11th district and lived there till he died. He was 75 yr. 5 mo. 27 days. He was a member of the Missionary babtist Church for a number of years and all who knew him put good Confidence in him. James Kear went to S. T. louis Mo. and become to be a noted Lawyer. William went to Alabama and Was a babtis Preacher. John My Uncle Was a member of the Babtis Church as Sevierville. Well my Brother Henry is a babtist Preacher he lives in N. Mex in Claton County Clinton is the county seat. Brother Joel is a deacon of Ivens Chapel. Well I think my grand Father must have lived to the age of 80 or 85. he died at his son Johns. And wa bueried some where Clost to Sievierville. Well now I come to my self. I was borned in the 10th. district of Sevier County in 1844. Oct. 20. Then we moved to the 11th in the year of 1856 and have lived here ever sence. Well I professed faith in Christ in the year 1866 at the Aug. Meeting I joined the Missionary babtis Church and was babtised in the River like my Savior. In the year 1867 I married my wife her name was Marth Ownby. her ancestors come from Bumcome County N. C. she died the 8th day of Sep. she was so peacable easy and loving you dont know how bad I miss her she was 71 yr. 8 mo. 14 days. She had ben a member of the Church for about 53 yr. Well I was 80 yrs. old the 20th of last October. My children all belong to the Church and most of my grand Children and two of my great grand children. I am a deacon of the Church at gatlinburg have ben for about 50 yr. Well I havent wrote much for a long time and has almost forgotten how to make some of the letters. so I must so soon Close. Wrote by John Kear to Isaac Kear my Grand Son. And Copied by Nora Kear for Sarah Oakley My Sister. This Sept. 11 1939”
Notes for Mary (Mollie) (Spouse 1)
Although she is usually referred to as Mollie Shelton, this was apparently a nickname for Mary Shelton. See the letter from Carrie Scoggin attached to James Kear’s page.
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