NameIsham Norton Sr. 1168, 2C6R
Birthca 1752, Northampton Co VA
Deathca 1833, Richmond Co NC Age: 81
BurialSnead-Norton Cemetery, Scotland Co NC1326
Birthca 1758, Richmond Co NC
Deathca 1825 Age: 67
BurialSnead-Norton Cemetery, Scotland Co NC1327
ChildrenJames (ca1782-ca1832)
 Wiley (ca1786-1848)
 William (ca1788-)
 John Isham (ca1789->1870)
 David (ca1790-1860)
 Isham (ca1802-)
 Eli (ca1804-1860)
 Reuben (ca1805-1880)
 Mary ‘Polly’ (ca1810-1870)
 Sarah ‘Sally’ (ca1811-)
 Elijah (ca1802-1865)
Notes for Isham Norton Sr.
There is a very strong possibility that Isham Norton Sr. was not the son of James Norton Sr. and Martha Hathcock, but rather the son of one of Martha’s brothers, possibly Thomas Hathcock. This conclusion is reached on the basis of Y-DNA profiles of a number of lineal male descendants of Isham, who have Y-DNA profiles that are identical to Hathcock males who trace their lineage back to Edward Hathcock, Martha Hathcock’s father.1328,1329 He is shown here as the son of an unknown son of Thomas Hathcock.

Notes for ISHAM NORTON, SR.:1168,1330

Isham resided in Northamption Co., NC during the Revolutionary War. He was drafted and served two tours (9 mos.) under Capt. John Peterson, Capt David Short; General Richard Caswell, Commanding Officer. Then under Capt. Jesse Dupree and Col. Linton, General Sumner. He was present and engaged in a skirmish with the enemy at the Town of Halifax, NC. His service was altogether performed in different parts of North Carolina, and he was very little with the Continental Troops. US Pension Certificate #16263, Richmond County, NC. Isham's pension file #S7 265, shows last pension paid 9-4-1833. Certificate of Pension issued the 20th day of July 1833 and sent to Martin D. Crawford Rockingham, NC.

In March 1787 Isham Norton, Sr., some of his brothers including James Norton, Jr, and some of his neighbors including one Starling Rachels, also moved to Richmond County. The Nortons, Rachels, and Hathcocks were all neighbors in Richmond County and lived near Joe's Creek. Mr. John Arch Rachels provided the names of the children of Isham Norton, Sr.

Starling Rachels was listed very close to the Nortons in the 1786 Census of Northampton Co., NC, and the 1790 Census of Richmond County. Fredrick Norton and Serling (Starling) Rachel witnessed James Norton, Sr's land grand #1084 in 1799. He testified that Isham Norton was born in Northampton Co., NC in Isham's pension application.

According to Richmond County, NC Court Minutes, Term of Court December 1804, Isam Norton, Nazareth Norton, Elias Norton, Miles Norton and Elisha Hathcock were ordered to work on a road in this county, 11 Dec, 1804. Neither Nazareth, Elias nor Mill (spelled like this) Norton were listed on the 1790 or 1800 census of Richmond County, NC. Nazareth was listed on the 1830 Census of Richmond County, pg. 217.

In the year 1823 Silas Norton, David Norton and James W. Norton petitioned the court for permission to build a bridge in Richmond County.

According to Apprentice & Orphan Records of Richmond County, NC, Silas Norton, 8 years and 6 months old and Zella Hathcock, 5 years old were bound to William Norton, June 1816 in Richmond County, NC.

Mark Hathcock, 13 years old, 'orphan' and Elijah Hathcock, 10 years old, 'orphan' were bound to Nazareth Norton, (no date, but likely June 1816)1331

In the 1830 Census of Fayette Co GA the following Nortons are shown: James H. Norton (pg193); Martin Norton (pg 192) [His obituary in the January 29th, 1845 issue of the Fayetteville Observer printed in Fayetteville, NC, states: Died in Fayette Co GA on the 16th, Mr. Martin Norton, formerly of Richmond Co]; Miles V. Norton (pg 182); Silas M. Norton (pg 129); and William G. Norton (pg 182)
Notes for Isham Norton Sr.
1840 Census of Rockingham District, Richmond Co NC

Name: Isham Norton

Free Colored Persons - Males - Under 10: 1
Free Colored Persons - Males - 10 thru 23: 1
Free Colored Persons - Males - 24 thru 35: 1
Free Colored Persons - Females - 10 thru 23: 2
Total Free Colored Persons: 5

Isham Norton is listed in the 1810 census of Richmond Co NC, next door to Thomas Heathcock [page 20 of 30 on the census listing.]
Notes for Eliza Walker (Spouse 1)
NOTE added by Clayton Heathcock, 19 Oct 2011: The list of children has been collected from internet family trees. It is doubtful that Eliza had children as late as 1811, when she was 53.
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