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Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NamePaulus Dirckszen Hoff 671, 9G Grandfather
Birth1620, Hoven, Netherlands
Death24 May 1692, Brooklyn, Kings Co NY Age: 72
Birthca 1623
Deathca 16531398 Age: 30
ChildrenDerrick (Dirk) Paulsuszen (ca1649-1730)
2Jannetje Janse 671, Step 9G Grandmother
Birthca 1630, Almelo, Netherlands1398
ChildrenGeertruyd Dirckse (1650-)
Notes for Paulus Dirckszen Hoff
Surname also given as Hough.2116

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s2117

Name: Paulus Dircke Hoff
Year: 1651
Place: New York, New York
Source Publication Code: 1262
Primary Immigrant: Hoff, Paulus Dircke
Annotation: Date and place of settlement or date and place of arrival. Names not restricted to the Order of Founders and Patriots of America.
Source Bibliography: COLKET, MEREDITH B., JR. Founders of Early American Families: Emigrants from Europe, 1607-1657. Cleveland: General Court of the Order of Founders and Patriots of America, 1975. 366p.
Page: 131

Following is a copy of a Genealogy.com post by Bob Hoff.1398 It is reproduced here in case the genealogy.com page should, for some reason, beome unavailable.

Bob Hoff - Aug 9, 2010
Categories: HOFF; DIRCKSEN, Research
       I found this history on Ancestry.com but haven't seen it posted on the Hoff site yet. Lots of info! Pretty fascinating history of the Hoffs in America starting with Rev Daniel's 4X great grandfather, Paulus Dirckszen (son of Dirck)! Paulus Dirckse (Dirckszen) was born son of Dirck Hoff in Luttenborg, Netherlands about 1620. Paulus married Geertie Williamse (b. 1622 Netherlands) and issued son Dirrick Pauluszen (b. 1649 Netherlands) and daughter Elisabeth Paulusz (b. 1650 Netherlands and later married Volkert Hendricks Briers 6-4-1695 in Brooklyn ). Paulus, Geertie, Dirrick and Elisabeth embarked Amsterdam 6-30-1650 sailing on the New Netherlands ship, Fortune, disembarking eleven days short of six months later at New Amsterdam 12-19-1650. Paulus settled under aegis of Baron van der Capelle , then owner of Staten Island. After Geertie died in New Amsterdam about 1653, Paulus married Jannetje Jannse ( b. circa 1630, Almelo, Netherlands ) and issued one daughter. Sometime after the 9/15--18/1655 Indian massacre of the Staten Island settlers, Paulus relocated to Fort Orange. Before Christmas 1662 Paulus had again relocated , to Brooklyn ( Kings County) , and joined the Dutch Reformed Church there. Paulus died in 1692 in Brooklyn. Dirrick Pauluszen ( Hoff ) married Aeghie Teunnise Covert (b. Heemstede,Netherlands) sometime after 1664 and issued five sons, including one set of twins. After Aeghie's death , Dirrick married Sarah Williamse Yeats (b. 1660 Flushing, Queens County). They lived in Jamacia, Queens Co. and had five children, Willem (b. 4-20-1685) , Dirck (b. 8-29-1686) , Sara (b. 4-27-1688) , Thomas (b. 4-6-1690) , and Jan (b. 4-27-1688). Dirrick and wife Sarah then relocated to Flushing, Queens Co. about 1694 and had sons Charles (b. 1697 ) and Joesph (b. 1700) . About 1702 Dirrick and Sarah settled in Maidenhead (Lawrencevile), New Jersey , and Derrick selected his grandfathers last name - Hoff - since it then was required by England that all Dutch in America adopt England's system of surnames. Dirrick was one of the original settlers at Maidenhead and there issued two additional children by Sarah - Benjamin (b. 1702) and Mary (b. 1704). Two years before his death in 1730 at Maidenhead, Dirrick purchased " Cherry Grove", which property today is the estate of Dr. Werner Lambert , owner of Lambert Pharmaceuticals (Listerine ). Joseph (Hoff) Huff (b. 1700 , Queens Co. , N.Y.) son of Dirrick Pauluszen, traveled north in New Jersey 20 - 22 miles to Somerset County. He obtained land in vicinity of Neshanic Station and on the Raritan River , an area where people of Dutch decent were particularly numerous. There Joseph married Catherine Craig who is indicated to have been 40 years his junior. Catherine gave birth 6-16-1759 to their only known son, Moses. Joseph was a well-to-do blacksmith and died in the state 12-4-1769. Catherine legally denounced " all right and title - she had "to the administration of the estate " of Joseph and thereby did " refuse to take upon" herself " the trouble" She signed such document 12-6-1769 in the presence of her father Moses Craig and James Graham. Catherine presumably did not remarry , as it is indicated she and son Moses lived with her father Moses Craig and his other four childern , all six being mentioned in his will . It is recorded that the next younger brother of Catherine also was named Moses. Moses ( Huff) Hough Born June 16 1759 in Somerset Co. N.J. Moses volunteered for Revolutionary War Service in the New Jersey Militia and marched through New Jersey and parts of New York. He was at the Battle of Monmouth under Col. Hunt , Maj. Lynn and Capt. William Logan. Moses at age 73 particularly remembered 6/28/1778 during the Battle of Monmouth as exceedingly hot and that he was marched to Hightstown the same evening after the battle. He served in a regiment under Gen. Washington in one unit on the front near the British lines in and about Brunswick , Morristown , Hackensack , South Amboy , Woodbridge , Newark and Monmouth . Moses was not mustered out of service for nearly two years after he entered, spending the latter part of his service irregularly ( sometimes on duty and sometimes at home but always under the command of his officers ) and never received a written discharge. Moses married Elizabeth Handley April 16th 1780 in Burlington Co. New Jersey. About 1782 they traveled southwest 160 - 180 miles through Maryland , crossing the Potomac River into Virginia and the vicinity of Leesburg ( Loudoun Co. seat ) . Here his oldest child Moses C. was born about 1783. Here, it was also believed Moses served his blacksmith apprenticeship. That Moses began working independently as a blacksmith in 1787 or early 88' is indicated by Leesburg records of 6-10-1788 , 4-15-1789 , 4-14-1790 and 7-11-1791. Meanwhile Moses and Elizabeth had 3 more childern William , Joseph , and John. It was during this 1782- 91' period in Leesburg when the spelling of Moses' surname changed from Huff to Hough , in the following circumstances. Charles Binns , county recorder for nearly fifty years commencing about 1755 , was friend of very wealthy John Hough Jr. ( from the Bucks County , Pennsylvania Houghs and very close friend of George Washington ). The name John Hough Jr. appears on about half of the deeds from 1757 to 1797. It is probable that Charles Binns spelled Mose's pronounciation of the name only as he knew it HOUGH. Whatever the reason , Moses ( Huff ) Hough probably never really knew the difference since he could neither read nor write at that time . During 1792 Moses led his wife and four very young sons west 120 to 140 miles , still in Loudoun Co , into the mountains. He obtained land presumably a land grant , extending from the mouth of the west fork of Monogahela to Simpsons Creek , - this location today may be in W.V. or perhaps barely in Penn. 5 or 8 miles north of Morganstown , W.V. During 1794 - 95' Moses , Elizabeth and four young sons traveled by flatboat roughly 1200 miles down the Monogahela and the Ohio Rivers to Louisville, Kentucky . Early in their journey , at Ft. Pitt , Moses befriended teenager Aaron Huff. Aaron was son of a John Huff ( Kent Co. Md.) who was killed by Indians about 1785 near Ft. Pitt. Aaron's father had come from England to Virginia in 1764 , settling in Maryland about 1770. From Louisville , Moses and family (with Aaron ) traveled east 65 miles on the Louisville - Lexington Trail through Boones settlement ( near Shelbyville ) , reaching forks of Elkhorn in 1795. It is presumed Moses went to forks of Elkhorn for reasons of its location proximate to Frankfort, the state capitol. Here their fifth son Robert was born in 1796 . Moses was a member of the Forks of Elkhorn church in1801 . Sometime in 1803 - 05' Moses and family retraced twenty four miles of their earlier steps on the Louisville - Lexington trail , traveling west to Boones settlement . Here it is probable they headed SSW about 20 miles following Clear Creek , and Brashears Creek to its point of confluence with the Salt River. Moses then traveled 6-10 miles west on the wide and fertile flood plain of the Salt River and there settled and commenced obtaining Bullitt Co. land . Eventually , Moses's holdings comprised acreage on and between Hough Run , Little Dutchmans Creek and Goose Creek. In 1824 a portion of Bullitt Co. was taken , together with parts of Jefferson and Nelson Co. to form Spencer Co. By this action the Bullitt/ Spencer boundary ( legally indefinite today ) cut Moses' land holdings in the NNE- SSW direction , leaving Hough Run , the upper two thirds of Little Dutchmans Creel , and two very short sections of lowermost Dutchmans Creek in Bullitt Co. Moses wife Elizabeth died Oct, 1834 Moses gave testimony 9-10-1832 in Taylorsville in open court regarding his service in the war against England. Pleasant Paris tetified concering Moses ' credibility , Moses was granted 3-4-1834 a total of $60 , $25 per anum retroactive to 9-4-1833 and ending 3-4-1836 . Although the date of Moses death is not known , he died in Spencer Co. probably under the care of his son John on land situated along Goosemans Creek , Dutchmans Creek on or just before 1847.

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Paulus Dirckszen Hoff was born in 1620 at Hoven, Gelderland, Netherlands to Paulus Dircke Hoff and Jannettee Jejanes Hoff. He came to America in 1645 and lived on Long Island until late in his life when he possibly moved to Lawrenceville, New Jersey. He married Geertje Jannetse Willemse and their children were: Derrick and Lysbeth. After the death of Geertje, Paulus married Annetje Hermanse and they were the parents of Geertruyd. Paulus adopted the name Hoff late in life. His will was made March 29, 1688. He died May 24, 1692 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York and is presumed buried in that area.
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