Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NamePeggy Baker 2409
Birth1777, Halifax Co NC2419
1John Haithcock Sr. , 6G Uncle
Birthca 1722, Old Brunswick Co VA2419
Death19 Jun 1825, Warren Co NC2419 Age: 103
FatherJoseph Hathcock (ca1700-ca1784)
Marriage24 Jan 1804, Warren Co NC2419
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
JOHN HAITHCOCK SR. (1722-1825)2419

John Haithcock Sr., son of Joseph Haithcock or Hathcock lived In Warren County, North Carolina, from at least 1776 until his death in 1825. Joseph's Will (dated 11 October 1782 in Brunswick County and probated there on 26 April 1784, recorded in Will Book 1784 on page 291) listed his children as Mary, Charles, Jesse, William, and John Haithcock; his grandchildren as Howell, Elizabeth, and David, with John named as Executor. It can be reasoned that Joseph Heathcock was born in the late 1600' s or early 1700's, probably about 1700, and died in Brunswick County in late 1782 or early 1783. The first record of a John Haithcock Sr. appears in Brunswick County, Virginia, Deed Records where it is indicated that John Heathcock bought land from Isaac Roe Walton of Brunswick County in 1762. John Haithcock was then living in Brunswick County. The land purchased was described as being on the Old Fort Road near the place where John Wall lived. Modern day maps show it to be about four miles west of Emporia, Virginia, where the Old Falling Run crosses the Fort Christianna Road, also known as the Dry Bread Road. In 1776, John Heathcock Sr. sold this same land to Joseph Smith of Brunswick County, but John was then livig in Bute County, North Carolina (later Warren County).

Bute County, North Carolina, had been formed from Granville County in 1764. In 1779, Bute was divided into equal parts: the north half became Warren County and the south half was constituted as Franklin County. It is not known when John Haithcock moved from Brunswick County, Virginia, to Bute County. North Carolina - only that he was living in Bute County by 1776. Of interest is that the 1783 Tax List of Greensville County. Virginia, lists the sons of Joseph Haithcock: Charles, Jesse and William, as living in Greensville County. John Haithcock is not listed along with them, but he does appear in a Warren County Tax List of 1781. A Bute County tax list of 1769 irdicates that the only Haithcock recorded in Bute County at that time was Thamas Hathcock, the son of Edward Hathcock. Edward lived in Northampton County as early as 1749.

It is known that John Haithcock proved his father's Will in 1784. The above provides evidence that the John Haithcock of Warren County, North Carolina (then Bute) in 1776 was in fact the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Haithcock of old Brunswick County, Virginia. A tax list of Warren County in 1771 does not record any Haithcock name. indicating that John Haithcock probably moved. to Warren County, North Carolina from Brunswick County, Virginia, between 1771 and 1776. At one point in the research on John Haithcock Sr. this supposition seemed inconsistent since there are many references to a John Haithcock ard John Haithcock's Place in the Greensville County, Virginia, records after 1776. For example, Order Book 9 of the Brunswick County records mention law suits involving John Haithcock vs. Adam Sims Jr. on a debt; John Haithcock vs. John Moss and John Haithcock vs. Turner Bynum, all about 1782. This all might be explained by recalling that John Haithcock owned property in both Brunswick County, Virginia, and Warren County, North Carolina, and conducted business in both counties. They are contiguous counties.

The deed of Nancy Haithcock entered in the Minute Book as Nancy Heathcock. "dec." to Balaam Bowers, dated 28 July 1796, describes her land as on Braxton Robinson's line to the Fountain Creek and on Benjamin Avent's line and on John Haithcock's line. Nancy was the sister-in-law of John Haithcock and the wife of his brother William Haithcock Sr. (Greensville County Order Book 2. page 434).

The deed of Charles Haithcock, brother of John, dated 12 May 1800, granting land to Permealy Gray Avent, son of Benjamin Avent, describes the land as being on the north side of Jordon's Road and on the south side of Fountain Creek; on William Robinson's line; on Joel Prince's line; on Daniel Robinson's line; and near John Haithcock's Place. These deeds describe the lands of Joseph which was devised to his children by his Will.

In a tax assessment in Warren County in 1781, John Haithcock was in Captain White's District with a valuation of 1594 lbs. By 1781, Warren County had been formed and in 1786 a tax list of that county shows John Haithcock to be a resident of that county.

1786 Tax List of Warren County, North Carolina

John Haithcock
1 male under 60 and over 21 years (maybe William)
4 males under 21 or over 60 years (maybe Peter age 1; John age 64; George age 10; and John Jr.)
5 females
3 Blacks

Four years later the first federal census was taken in Warren County, and John Haithcock is listed as the only Haithcock.

1790 Census of Warren County, North carolina

John Haethcock
2 males over 16 years (maybe John Sr. and. William.)
4 males unier 16 years (maybe Peter I John Jr., Grief and George)
2 females (maybe Nancy who married Reuben ~ith 8 September 1796 am Mary, who married Robert Moore 7 March 1805)
16 slaves

Warren County, North Carolina, Deed Abstract
, 1794
Pages 232 & 233, Book 13

Leonard Kimbrell to John Hathcock, both of Warren County, 107 acres on Isham Bennet’s corner, for 30 lbs of Virginia money. Witnesses: Matthew Davis and John Parish. Signed. by Leonard Kimbrell and registered 7 September 1795 by James Johnson.

The next census records John along with William ard George Haithcock.

1800 Census of Warren County, North Carolina
, Page 807

John Haithcock age over 45 (about 78 years)
1 male age 0-10 (Grief)
1 male age 10-16 (maybe Peter)
1 male age 16-26 (maybe John Jr. about 26 years)
2 females age 0-10 (maybe children of John Jr.)
1 female age 16-26 (maybe first Wife of John Jr.)
2 slaves

It is believed that the wife of John Haithcock Sr. had died by 1790, and he later remarried. His sons included George, William, John Jr., Grief and Peter.

1800 Census of Warren County, North Carolina
Page 807 George Haithcock age 16-26 [Married Patsy Mardy 24 October 1798 in Warren County]
Page 809 William Haithcock (age over 45) one female (age over 45)

Warren County Deed Abstract
, 1803, Book 17, Page 43

John Hathcock to George Hathcock, both of Warren County, for 35Lbs. 2 Shillings of Virginia money, on Isham Bennett's line, 107 acres. Signed by John Hathcock (his mark), dated 13 December 1803. Witnesses: Polly (Mary) Hathcock, Matthew Walker and Thomas Clark, (Jurat) Registered 26 January 1804.

(This is probably the same land that John Hathcock bought in 1794. George was the son of this John Hathcock Sr.)

Warren County Deed Abstract
, 1803, Book 17, Page 44

John Hathcock to George Hathcock, both of Warren County, for 22 silver dollars, 11 acres along Hathcock's line and William Capps' line, signed by John Hathcock, dated 13 December 1803. Witness: Thomas Clerk, (Jurat) registered 28 January 1804.

[Jurat - equivalent to modern-day Notary Statement, indicating before whom, the date, and where the certification was sworn]

Shortly after this transaction. John Haithcock am probably his secord wife, Peggy Baker, sold lard in Greensville County, Virginia. John Haithcock was to be given the land of his mother only after she died, accordinq to the terms of Joseph's Will. Elizabeth must have died before 1805. An Elizabeth Haithcock sold land to Braxton Robinson in Greensville County as recorded in Deed Book 3 [or Order Book], at page 97. The exact date is unknown at this writing but is thought to have been around 1801. However, this EIizabeth was Joseph’s granddaughter. In 1805, John and Peggy Haithcock sold the land inherited from his father. The description of this land fourd in a Greensville County, Virginia, deed confirms that the John Haithcock who married Peggy Baker in Warren County, North Carolina, was the son of Joseph Haithcock.

Greensville County Virginia Deed Abstract, 1805, Book 3, Page 437

John Haithcock and wife Peggy of Warren County. North Carolina, to William Avent of Greensville County, Virginia, for $410, one hundred. and sixty four acres in Greensville County, ... beginning at a corner pine on John Peter's line thence along the said line to Fountain Creek thence down the said creek to a comer Ash on Daniel Robinson's line thence along the said line to William Avent's line thence along the said line to the beginning ...
Signed: John Haithcock
Peggy Haithcock

Edwin Cook, John Peters, Samuel Avent, John Shehorn, John Avent
November Court 1805

In 1811 John Haithcock Sr. was living in the Fishing Creek District of Warren County and in 1812 both John and George Haithcock were also living in that district. Other Warren County records indicate that John Haithcock Sr. was indebted to the estate of General Thomas Person in August of 1804.

1810 Census of Warren County. North Carolina

John Haithcock Sr.
2 males 10-16 (possibly includes Peter)
1 male over 45 (John Sr. age 88)
1 female 0-10
1 female 26-45*
4 slaves

* Peggy Baker, age 33, born 1777, daughter of James and Elizabeth Baker, Halifax County, North Carolina, married John Haithcock in Warren County 24 January 1804.

1810 Census of Warren County, North Carolina

John Haithcock, Jr.
1 male 0-10
1 male 26-45 (John Jr. al:x>ut 40 years of age)
2 females 0-10
1 female 16-26 (believed to be Elizabeth Bobbitt, born ca. 1771)

The records of Warren County, North Carolina, during this period definitely indicate that three John Haithcocks were living there: John Haithcock Sr., John Haithcock Jr. and John Haithcock. The tax lists of the period show these different John Haithcocks living in different tax districts. It is difficult to clearly distinguish between the three Johns but John Haithcock Sr. was the father of John Haithcock Jr.

Warren County Tax Districts (1811-1814)

Fishing Creek Tax District: 1811-John Haithcock. Sr.; 1812-John Haithcock and George Haithcock
River Tax District: 1813-John Haithcock; 1814-John Haithcock
Warren Tax District: 1813-John Haithcock; 1814-John Haithcock
Snow's Tax District: 1813-John Haithcock Jr. and George Haithcock, 1814-John Haithcock Jr.

Records of Warren County, North Carolina, Volume IV, (1779-1814)

Name Will Book Paqe-Reference Note

George Haithcock 17 121 (ref 5); 297 (ref 10)
Jesse Haithcock 12 286 (ref 1)
John Haithcock 12 284 (ref 1)
16 25 (ref 2)
17 52 (ref 4); 121 (ref 5): 173
(ref 6); 175 (ref 7); 310
(ref 8); 325 (ref 9)
18 220 (ref 11); 236 (ref 13)
John Haithcock Jr. 17 175 (ref 7); 297 (ref 10)
18 232 (ref 12)
John Haithcock Sr. 16 25 (ref 2); 150 (ref 3)
17 175 (ref 7)
Robert Haithcock 12 284 (ref 1)
Reuben Haithcock 12 284 (ref 1)

- Reference Notes to Warren County Records above -

1. Indebted to Estate of General Thomas Person in August of 1804. (John, Robert and Reuben are believed to have been sons of Jesse Haithcock)
2. Purchased portions of estate of Benjamin Betty. February 1811.
3. Listed as having Taxable property in Fishing Creek District in 1811.
4. Purchased portions of Estate of Richard K. Bermett. February 1813.
5. Listed as having taxable property in Fishing Creek District in 1812.
6. Purchased portions of of estate of Rudolph Hazelwood, 15 March 1811.
7. Purchased. portions of estate of Ann Hazelwood, 18 March 1811.
8. Listed as having taxable property in River District in 1813.
9. Listed as having taxable property in Warrenton District in 1813.
10. Listed as having taxable property in Captain Snow's District in 1813.
11. Listed as having taxable property in River District in 1814.
12. Listed as having taxable property in Captain Snow's District in 1814.
13. Listed as having taxable property in Warrenton District in 1814.

The George and John Haithcock Jr. in the above records were sons of John Haithcock Sr. The Robert, Reuben and John Haithcock are believed to have been the sons of Jesse and Molley Haithcock. John Haithcock Sr. and Jesse Haithcock were the sons of Joseph and Elizabeth Haithcock of Brunswick County, (later Greensville County) Virginia.

The 1820 census of Warren County seems to include John Sr. and John Jr. but excludes John Haithcock, who may have then been living in Halifax County.

1820 Census of Warren County. North Carolina

John Haithcock, age over 45 years (believed to be John Jr.)
2 males age 0-10 years (maybe William age 6, Thomas age 4)
2 males age 10-16 years
1 female age 10-16 years
2 females age 0-10 years
1 female age over 45 years (probably Elizabeth Bobbitt)

Peggy Haithcock
1 male age over 45 years (probably John Haithcock Sr, age 98, husband of Peggy)
1 male age 18-26 years
1 female age 16-26 years
1 female age 26-45 years (Peggy Baker, 43 years)

Winifred Haithcock (maybe wife of William)
1 female age 0-10 years
1 female age 26-45 years
1 female age over 45 years

Warren County Deed Abstract, 1820, Book 21, Page 260

Peter Hathcock to Henry Fitts both of Warren County for $100, 160 acres of Military Bounty land in the Territory of Missouri. NE 1/4 of Section 1, Township 5 North, Range 21 West. Witness: William Hicks and Willis Cannon (Jurat). Signed Peter Hathcock by his mark. Registered 30 August 1820.

[Peter Hathcock was a veteran of the War of 1812 and was awarded government land in Missouri in compensation for his service]

Warren County Deed Abstract, 1822, Book 22 Page 304

John Hathcock to James E. Baker, both of Warren County, 21 acres for $50 on the head waters of MiII Branch on Robert T . Cheeks line and on James E. Baker’s corner. Dated 4 November 1822. Witness: M. Bennett and John Cheek. Signed by John Haithcock with his mark. Registered. 8 November 1822.

The obituary of John Haithcock Sr. appeared in the Raleigh Register on column 5 on 24 June 1825:

***** DIED *****

In Warren County, on Sunday night last after a lingering confinement of several months, at the advanced age of 103 years, Mr. John Heathcock, an early and steady adherent to the cause of Independence -- a Revolutionary soldier -- an honest man.

From this obituary, it can be computed that this John Haithcock was born in 1722, and that he was a Revolutionary War Veteran having been over 55 years of age when he enlisted. No Revolutionary War records have been located on John Haithcock Sr. The census record of 1830, of course, does not include his name but includes his wife Peggy Haithcock and another John Haithcock who was probably John Jr., son of John Haithcock Sr.

Warren County Deed Abstract, 1829, Book 25, Page 469

Peter Hathcock of Warren County to James Elbeck of the same county, for $5, the 60 acres of the undivided parcel of land on Rocky Branch which is his interest in the inherited land from his father, John Hathcock and where his father resided at the time of his death (in 1825). Dated 2 March 1829, witnessed by Peter R. Davis and Thomas S. Green, and signed by Peter Hathcock by his mark.

Warren County Deed Abstract, 1833, Book 28, Page 602

Plummer Moore, son of Polly (Mary) Hathcock Moore, and Robert Moore. and grandson of John Hathcock Sr. all of Warren County, to Grief Hathcock, son of John Hathcock Sr. also of Warren County, for $5, Moore's interest in the land inherited from his mother, Polly Moore, who inherited it from her father, John Hathcock Sr. Plummer Moore was only one of the children of Robert and Polly Moore. No acreage is mentioned. Witness: Richard Davis aoo Peter R. Davis (Jurat). Dated 30 October 1833 and signed by Plummer Moore with his mark. Registered. 2 June 1843.

[Note: John Hathcock Sr. had died in 1825 leaving land to his children, including his daughter Polly, who had married Robert Moore in 1805. When Polly (Mary) died years later, this land was divided among her children, one of whom was her son Plummer Moore]

Warren County Deed. Abstract 1840, Book 28, Page 604

Grief Haithcock of Warren County to John Haithcock (Jr.) of the same county, for $10, the 10 acres of undivided interest inherited from his father John Haithcock (Sr.) and that part of the same tract purchased from Plummer Moore. Witnesses: Henry A. Fock and Thomas J. Pitchford (Jurat). Signed. 31 July 1840 by Grief Hathcock with his mark and registered 2 June 1843.

Warren County Deed Abstract, 1849, Book 30, Page 104

Peter Haithcock to William C. Williams, both of Warren County for $25, the 60 acres of land in Warren County on James E. Baker's line and on Miles Bobbitt's line, on the road from Grove Hill to Warrenton. Signed by Peter Haithcock. Dated 4 Apri 1 1849.

[Note: James Baker was the father of the wife of John Hathcock Sr. Her name was Peggy Baker and she was probably John's second wife]
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
Heathcock to Smith

THIS INDENTURE made the twenty fifth day of November in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and seventy six Between John Heathcock or the County of Bute in North Carolina ot the one part and Joseph Smith of the Parish Meherrin and County ot Brunswick of the ether part WITNESSETH that the said John Heathcock for and in consideration of the sum or thirty eight pounds current money of Virginia to him in hand paid by the said Joseph Smith at and before the Sealing and Delivery of these presents the receipt whereof the said John Heathcock doth hereby acknowledge hath granted Bargained and sold aliened Enreotted Released and confirmed and by these presents Doth Grant Bargain and Sell Alien Enfeoff Release and Confirm unto the said Joseph Smith his Heirs and Assigns forever one certain tract or parcel or land containing two hundred and fifth acres by estimation situate being and lying in Brunswick County and bounded as followeth to wit BEGINNING at John Walls Corner Pine on the Fort Road thence by his line S. 32° E. 16 poles to his corner Maple on a Branch thence down the said Branch as it meanders to a White Oak on the same the same in SAXTON'S line thence by his S 40° W 82 poles to his corner pine then by George Waltons line S 85° W 158 poles to his comer white oak thence S 15° W 190 poles to a read oak thenee off, S 85° W 26 poles to a red oak thence N 2° W 272 poles to a Hickory on the Ford Road aforesaid thence by the said Road N 74° E 254 poles to the Beginning and also the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents Issues and Services thereof and also all the Estate Right Title Interest Claim and Demand whatsoever of him the said John Heathcock of in and to the said premises and or in and to every part and parcel thereof TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said tract a parcel of land and premises with the appurtenances unto the said Joseph Smith his heirs and assigns forever and the said John Heathcock for himself his heirs Executors and administrators doth covenant and grant to and with the said Joseph Smith by these presents and his assigns forever that the said John Heathcock and his heirs the said tract or parcel of land and premises and every part thereof against him arid his heirs and against all and every other person and persons whatsoever to the said Joseph Smith his heirs and assigns shall and will by these presents forever warrant and defend IN WITNESS whereof the said John Heathcock hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year first above written.

Sealed and Delivered
In Presence of
Lettleberry Robinson
Wm Wall
Richard Tillman

John Heathcock (his mark)

RECEIVED or Joseph Smith thirty eight pounds in full of the within deed -

John Heathcock (his mark)

At a Court held ror Brunswick County
the 25th day of November 1776 this indenture
and the Receipt thereon endorsed were
acknowledged by John Heathcock party thereto
and ordered to be recorded.

Peter Pelham Jr. C. C.
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