Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameAlfred Lawrence Hathcock 2145, 3C3R
Birth18 Jan 1867, Anderson Co TX2149
Death2 May 1959, Palestine, Anderson Co TX Age: 92
FatherThomas Alfred Hathcock (1805-1883)
MotherMary Ann Smith (1840-1928)
Death1924 Age: 53
Marriage3 Mar 1896
ChildrenFrederick Lawrence (1896-1948)
 Louise (1896-)
 Frank Pitts (1908-1964)
Notes for Alfred Lawrence Hathcock
Alfred Lawrence Hathcock2149

Alfred Lawrence Hathcock, son of Thomas Alfred Hathcock and Mary Smith Jackson, was born in Anderson County, Texas, 18 January 1867. He married and a daughter Louise was born to this union.

Dr. Alfred Lawrence Hathcock died in Palestine, Texas 2 May 1959. Louise Hathcock was a teacher at Stephen F. Austin State Teachers College at Nacogdoches, Texas. She married late in life to David Jost. A letter written by Dr. Hathcock about his ancestors about 1940 is reproduced below.


"The following data was obtained by me (A. L. Hathcock) from various sources chiefly on a trip made in an automobile from Texas through Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Albany, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Durham, North Carolina, Atlanta, Birmingham, and back to Texas, Palestine.

“In Washington City I accidentally encountered in the Supreme Court Office building a Mr. Frank Hathcock who stated that he was from a small town near Atlanta, Georgia but he knew nothing of his early ancestry. I also had dinner with Mr. Bernard D. (Dunlap) Hathcock in his home at 5314 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington City, a son of Dr. T. A. (Thomas Alexander) Hathcock of Norwood, North Carolina.

“At Pittsboro, North Carolina I examined the County Records of Chatham County and found on record the will of Patrick Hathcock, who was my grandfather, dated 16 June 1857 and recorded in (Record of Will Book C) and probated in November 1857. In 'this Will Patrick Hathcock bequeathed all his property--house and land where he was then living together with all his livestock, kitchen and other furniture and all his moneys as a loan to his wife, Rhoday, as long as she lived. After her death it was all to be sold at auction and the proceeds divided equally between his three sons, Alford, Pleasant and Macklin. This Will was witnessed by I. I. Baldwin, W. H. Powell, and Manely Snipes, Executors.

“This Will was signed (Patrick X--his mark) Heathcock indicating that he was unable to sign his name either because he was uneducated or was too sick to sign the Will. The fact that the Will was probated a few months later (November) in the same year might mean that he was on his death bed at the time the Will was written.

“I also found amongst the records of Chatham County a deed recorded in "Records of Deeds A-Kit page 279 transferring title to 100 acres of land from Alford Hathcock to Patrick Hathcock (my father to my grandfather) and dated 22 December 1838. This deed was witnessed by Hiram Hathcock.

“The name in the above deed is spelled Hathcock while the name as written and signed by making his mark "X" to the Will of Patrick Hathcock is spelled Heathcock. The Will being written by another party, the name may have been misspelled or the change in the name from Heathcock to Hathcock may have occurred at this point.

“In the town of Pittsboro which is located a few miles from the Haw River in Chatham County I located a lady school teacher named Mrs. Annie L. Bynum whose father was named Tom Hathcock but she was unable to give me any information as to her ancestry. I crossed the Haw River at a town named Bynum (my grandfather, Patrick Hathcock lived and my father was born about 1 1/2 miles from the Haw River in Chatham County) and a gentleman at that point told me of a community eight or ten miles further up the Haw River in which there are many Hathcocks living at present. In the country around Bynum there were Hathcocks, Heathcocks, and Haithcock: most of them agreeing that the name was originally Heathcock or Heathcote. The town of Bynum was founded by Mrs. Annie L. Bynum's grandfatner whose name was Bynum and Mrs. Annie L. Bynum's father was named Heathcock and died recently in Pittsboro.

“My father, Alfred Hathcock, was born 16 May 1805, twelve days after Patrick Hathcock landed with his family and two brothers one of whom went to Georgia, my grandfather remaining in North Carolina. There is no record of where the third brother settled."

Alfred Lawrence Hathcock, M.D.

Author's Note (Douglas Hathcock): Patrick was born in the United States, not Ireland. His father was probably James Heathcock, a Revolutionary War Veteran who lived in Chatham County. The “two brothers" no doubt refers to brothers of Patrick's father, one of who was William who settled in Georgia. (See Chapter 1.)


1900 Census of Aderson Co TX

Dwelling 260, Family 269
Name Age

Henry Padon 53
Mary E Padon 50
Hillary Padon 29
Susan Mccallum 23
Jas A Mccallum 34
A L Hathcock 33 boarder, married

Dwelling 682, Family 709
Name Age

Clara M Hathcock 24
Fred Hathcock 2
Clara L Hathcock 2

1910 Census of Anderson Co TX

Name Age

A L Hathcock 44
Clara Hathcock 35
Fred Hathcock 13
Louise Hathcock 13
Frank Hathcock 1
Laura Hathcock 1

1920 Census of Palestine, Anderson Co TX

Name Age

Alford L Hathcock 52
Clara Hathcock 45
Louise Hathcock 23
Frederick Hathcock 23
Frankie Hathcock 11
Laura Hathcock 11
Mary Hathcock 79 mother, widowed

1930 Census of Palestine, Anderson Co TX

Name Age

A L Hathcock 63
F P Hathcock 21 son
Bessie Thompson 55 roomer
Hiram Harless 53 roomer
Leon Eastment 80 roomer
E E Crutchfield 45 roomer

1940 Census of Palestine, Anderson Co TX

Name Age

Alfred L Hathcock 73

Founded the Hathcock Sanitarium c. 1890 and later the Palestine Sanitarium.
Source: The Portal to Texas History2150

Alfred Lawrence Hathcock was born in Texas on Jan, 18, 1867 to Alfred and Mary Smith Hathcock. He died at age 92 on May 2, 1959 at his residence, 611 S. Sycamore Street. He had lived in Palestine for 75 years. Dr. Hathcock was a retired physician and surgeon.
Source: Texas Death Certificate; informant, Frank Hathcock
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