NameHolliday Fort 1483, 7G Grandfather
Birthbef 1708, Albemarle, Surry Co VA
Death1773, Sussex Co VA Age: 65
FatherElias Fort II (ca1662-ca1739)
MotherSarah (unknown) (ca1665-)
1Mary Ann Flake , 7G Grandmother
Birthca 1710
Deathbef 1761 Age: 51
ChildrenJohn (ca1741-<1825)
 Frederick (1744-1819)
2Lucretia Mason , Step 7G Grandmother
Birthca 1730
Notes for Holliday Fort
Holliday Fort and Mary Flake, Lucretia Mason1483

HOLLIDAY FORT, a son of Elias Fort (II) and his wife Sarah, had 15 children by his two wives.

By Mary Flake he had:

1) FREDERICK FORT, born 1744 in Sussex County, Va. Frederick married Mary Ann Knight in 1760. Sometime between 1783 and 1787 he and his family moved to Wake County, N.C., where he died in August, 1819. He had 10 children:
a) WILLIAM KNIGHT FORT, born June 27, 1764, Sussex County, married first Charlotte Lile on Nov. 24, 1792. Charlotte died in Wake County, N.C., Feb. 8, 1829. On Dec. 20, 1829 William married a widow,. Elizabeth Wimberly Whitfield of Johnston County, N.C. Elizabeth was a daughter of George Wimberly and Pheraby Hinton; she previously married William Whitfield. William Fort died June 21, 1843 in Wake County. (See Chart 1-12)
b) FRENCH FORT married Sarah J. Harris in Wake County July 1, 1797; she was the daughter of Thomas Harris of Wake. This family moved to Warren County, Ky., about November, 1814. French died in Warren between 1829 and 1842; his wife Sarah died in the same county in 1846 or shortly thereafter. (See Chart 1-13)
c) JOHN FORT, who married Nov. 1, 1814 Jane Justice; he is supposed to have died in North Carolina in his middle age.
d) FOSTER FORT, who married Elizabeth Justice Jan. 20, 1806 and who died in Wake Forest, N.C., Nov. 9, 1843. Foster's will, recorded in Wake, indicates he' had substantial property, including mills, slaves and railroad stock. In addition to his wife the will names these children: 1) John 1. F. Fort, an underage son; 2) Junius W. Fort, who married Frances C. Gill, Wake County, Feb. 5, 1851; 3) Sarah W. Fort, who married a Mr. Clifton before the dating of the will, Oct. 15, 1843; 4) Clara C. Fort, who married a Mr. Rogers before the will; 5) Mary R. Fort, who married a Mr. Purify (Purefoy?) before the will; 6) Emily W. Fort, who married a Mr. Brooks before the will; 7) HersiIlia R. Fort; 8) Elizabeth A. D. Fort. (Most researchers give Foster's wife as "Betsy Justice"; the will shows her as "Elizabeth H. I. Fort".)
e) ELIAS FORT, of whom nothing is known.
f) MARY ANN FORT, born March 17, 1766 in Sussex County, Va., married John Burnam Dec. 4, 1787 and with him moved to Warren County, Ky. John Burnam was born Oct. 27, 1762 in Cecil County, Maryland; he died June 29, 1829 in Warren County. According to some sources Burnam served in the Revolution as a private, seeing service at Cowpens and 'Guilford Courthouse. His wife Mary Ann died Aug. 8, 1829 in Warren County. Graves of the two are on the "Old A. Y. McGinnis Farm" about five miles north of Bowling Green, Ky. on Highway 30-W.
g) FREDERICK FORT, born in October, 1771 in Sussex County. Frederick followed Daniel Boone to Boonesborough in his first settlement of Kentucky. He met and married Lucy Moore, daughter of Robert and Mary Moore, supposedly at Boonesborough in 1790 or 1793; this was one of the first marriages among the white settlers in that state. Frederick Fort owned land in Montgomery County, Ky. in the early 1800's but by 1810 he was living in Warren County, Ky. In 1820 or shortly thereaf~r he moved to Stronghurst, Ill. in Henderson County, dying there Sept. 15, 1845. His wife Lucy, who was born iri 1778, died Sept. 20, 1846 in Henderson County. (See Chart 1-15)
h) DUTCHEA (also given as DOUCHA and DONCHA) FORT, was born July 18, 1768 in Sussex County. She is supposed to have married a man named Cox.
i) POLLY FORT married a man named Temples (or Temple) sometime prior to Nov. 17, 1818, when her father made his will. (Dutchea Fort was not named in the will, so it is possible that Polly was a nickname for Dutchea-though not likely).
j) SALLY (probably SARAH) FORT married James Ligon Oct. 21, 1800.
k) ELIZABETH (BETSY) FORT was born Sept. 25, 1762 in Sussex County, Va., married Burwell Wall before 1818, probably in Wake County, N.C.

2) JOHN FORT was born 1740-41 in Surry County, Va. (later Sussex), He married for the first time about 1763; the name of this first wife is not known. He moved to Wake County, N.C. with his brother Frederick in the 1780's, the two of them settling in Crossrqads District of that county. As an old man he married again, this time to Frankie Broadwell, born 1782. The marriage was on Nov. 8, 1814. John Fort was a Revolutionary soldier. He made his will Aug. 27, 1824 and died sometime prior to November, 1825, when his will was recorded in Wake. Frankie died May 8, 1834 in Wake. He had two known children, both by his first wife:
a) JOHN FORT, who married Patsy Powell and who pre-deceased his father, dying in Wake County in 1818. His wife was the daughter of Dempsey Powell and Pleasant Benton Powell; she and John were married in Wake County Dec. 4, 1787. Patsy died in Wake July 28, 1848. (See Chart 1-16)
b) JAMES FORT, who married Chloe Powell, sister of Patsy (above). He is thought to have been born about 1764 in Sussex County; he married Chloe Dec. 4, 1787 in Wake County. Chloe was born 1770 and died in Wake 1846. James Fort died in Wake in 1.838. (See Chart 1-17)

3) SARAH FORT, not married in 1764.

4) PHEBE FORT married Nathaniel Tatum sometime prior to April 19, 1764; Tatum was the stepson of William Smith of Brunswick County, Va. He and Phebe made their home in Brunswick. Nathaniel is believed to have moved later to Hancock County, Ga. and to have had two sons: Nathaniel, Jr. and Seth Tatum.

5) ELIZABETH FORT married Thomas Jackson, Jr. of Brunswick County, Va. prior to 1761. By 1770 the Jacksons were living in Bute County, N.C. (Bute was discontinued in 1779 and its land given to Franklin and Warren counties.)

6) ASENATH FORT, a daughter, unmarried and living in Southampton County in 1769.

By Lucretia Mason, his second wife, Holliday Fort had:

7) ROBERT FORT, probably the first child born to Lucretia, died in youth before Dec. 7, 1774.

8) FLAKE FORT was named in his father's 1770 will in Sussex County. Thereafter he shows up in no other record and may have died in childhood.

9) ELIAS FORT was listed in his father's 1770 will and in 1774 was still in school. Nothing more is known of him.
10) FLORINA FORT, born 1762-64.

11) LENA (or CANA) FORT, living in the family home in 1770.

12) FAITH (or FAITHY) FORT, living in the family home in 1770.

13) FRANCIS (nicknamed FRANKY) FORT was born June 1, 1762. She was not married in 1781 and is thought to have been living in Sussex County in that year.

14) PHILLIS FORT was born July 28, 1764 and died unmarried in 1791 in either Mecklenburg County, N.C. or Abbeville District of South Carolina, probably the first. (Phillis Fort's will, made in 1781 in Mecklenburg County and recorded 1791 in the same county, refers to her brother-in-law John Rivers; Phillis was living in the Rivers home in 1781. The will also mentions her sisters Francis and Mason Fort "in Virginia". Thus, John Rivers had married Florina, Sarah, Lena (or Cana), Faith, or Asenath Fort).

15) MASON FORT, a daughter and youngest of Holliday's children, married William Pullen June 21, 1791 in Sussex County.

About The Family

Frederick, one of Holliday's sons, served as a captain in the American Revolution according to the "Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy", volume 3. The same source gives his wife's name as Mary Newsome. The "Register of Albemarle Parish" (Surry and Sussex Counties) lists christenings in the middle and late 1700's; some of these show Frederick's wife as Mary and some as Mary Jane. The Newsomes show up in some of the Fort christening records as well as in deeds. Lacking any firm source for the Newsome connection, it can only be said that Frederick definitely married Mary Anne Knight in 1761 and that she might have had a previous marriage to a Newsome-or have been a Newsome who married a Knight-or that the Compendium is wrong.

Captain Frederick actually had two sons named for himself. One, as shown in the chart, -was born in 1771. The other was christened October 21, 1767 and died in early childhood. The father, not wanting his own name to lapse, gave his next born son the same name.

French Fort, another son of Frederick, was suing various people in Warren County, Kentucky between 1816 and 1821. His widow Sarah continued his precedent, suing her brother-in-law John Burnam in 1842, Napoleon Lucas in 1845, and Samuel Murrell in 1846. At least eight different court actions were taken up by French and Sarah in Warren County; their passing undoubtedly left the legal profession in that frontier county with a serious loss of revenue.
Phillis Fort, a daughter of Holliday, is something of a genealogical puzzle. She made her will in 1781 in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, naming her brother-in-law John Rivers and his children: Nancy, James and Thomas. She also left a bequest to her "loving sister Mason Fort now in Virginia" (then under-age), with the stipulation that if Mason died before reaching the age of 18 it would go to her sister Francis Fort.

Willie Pauline Young's "Abstracts of Old Ninety-Six" (an early district in South Carolina) shows a later court action involving Phillis' will, a copy of which was sent to Abbeville, South Carolina. As best can be made out, the question seems to be whether the person taking down the will from Phillis mistakenly listed James Rivers rather than James Fort; no relationship between James Fort and Phillis is given in the abstract. A James Fort was in Edgefield County, South Carolina, requesting a guardian on July 12, 1790; he was then 20 years old. Further, there seems to have been a boy in the Rivers household who called himself James Rivers but wasn't.

Not having examined the matter fully, the authors can only point out that one of the sisters of Phillis evidently married John Rivers. John Rivers may have moved to South Carolina after 1781 and before 1791. A James Fort, in some unknown way, was involved.

"Asenath" was never a common name, but it was used in the 1700's and early 1800's as a female appellation. The original Asenath was the Egyptian woman given as wife to Joseph by Pharaoh.

The peculiar name "Dutchea" is given in several forms in the Sussex records. None of them suggests why Frederick gave this name to an otherwise innocent child.

Chancery Court minutes for Southampton County, apparently dated Dec. 23, 1761, show Elizabeth Fort Jackson suing her father Holliday for possession of a slave she said her grandfather willed her. The minutes show hitterness. Elizabeth declared her father had given his consent to the marriage with Jackson but "has since treated them with the greatest contempt".

Authors' Notes

Holliday Fort's Wives and Children. Sussex County Deed Book C, pgs. 62-66 give the deeds showing the children by the first wife, Mary Ann Flake. Deed Book D, Pgs. 267-272 show the children by Lucretia Mason. All in the first series are dated April 19, 1764; in the second, August 25, 1770. Holliday Fort's wife's name is given as Mary Anne in "Surry County Wills", 738-54; Lucretia is cited in Holliday's own will, Sussex Will Book C, Pg. 82.

Frederick Fort. His will, dated November 17, 1800, was probated in Wake County, North Carolina, August, 1819, in Will Book 2, Pg. 239. Frederick was listed in the 1782 census of Sussex County in 1783; he sold lands on Poplar Swamp in that county, and he appears in the 1790 census of Wake County in Hillsborough District. Christenings of five of his children-Betsy, William K., Mary Anne, Frederick and Dutchea-are recorded in the Albemarle Parish Register. The authors relied quite heavily on research done by Mrs. O. A. Lester, Raleigh, North Carolina, for information about Frederick Fort's family; they thank her.

Will of John Fort, Son of Holliday. Wake County Will Book 19, Pg. 452.

Will of Robert Moore. This will is in Warren County, Kentucky, Book A, Pg. 199; it shows Frederick Fort as. his son-in-law.

Montgomery County Residence of Frederick Fort. Records in this Kentucky county show Frederick and Lucy Fort there in 1807, Deed Book 4, Pg. 340.

John Fort and Jane. The authors couldn't run this man down, either as to place of residence, children, or date of death.
Frederick M. Fort. A man of this name, according to the "Raleigh Register", died December 30, 1835 in Wake County, North Carolina. The authors suspect he was a grandson of Holliday but did not search the Raleigh records for information on his parentage or descent.

The Two Eliases. An attempt was made to further identify both Elias, the son of Holliday, and Elias, son of Frederick. One source suggested the second might be identical with the Elias Fort who married Martha Williams Battle in Nash County, North Carolina, and who adopted "Bolivar" as a middle name after leaving North Carolina for Tennessee or Mississippi. This seems unlikely since "Bolivar" is known to have been living in Halifax County, North Carolina at the time of his marriage to Martha about 1816; a completely different line of Forts lived in that county. Another possibility is that he equates with an Elias Fort who was born about 1790 and wh& nw,red to Alabama, dying there in 1836 after a se.cond marriage to Nancy Foster. Elias, the son of Holliday, may have died in his youth. All of this is highly speculative.

Death of Robert Fort. Sussex County, Virginia, Deed Book E, pg. 278- George Marsh to Thomas Barham.
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