Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameLucinda Ann Miller
Birth24 Jun 1826, Montgomery Co IL
Death24 Apr 1912, Amarillo, Potter Co TX2951 Age: 85
FatherBenjamin Miller (1790-1862)
MotherEliza Briggs (1795-)
Birth7 Aug 1824, Washington Co AR2950
Death28 Dec 1903, Sayre, Beckham Co OK2950 Age: 79
FatherDaniel Conner (ca1785-1870)
MotherRuth (Unknown) (1780-<1840)
Family Media
 Sarah J. (1847-)
 Mary E. (1849-)
 William Benjamin (1853-1943)
 John Samuel (1858-)
 Charles Washington (1859-1957)
 Andrew J. (1860-1925)
 Alfred Sexton (1864-1950)
 Aurelius (1868-)
 Henry Thomas (1871-1936)
Notes for Lucinda Ann Miller
1910 Census of Bettina, Beckam Co OK

Name Age

Henry T Commer 39
Mary M Commer 30 wife
Lucinda Commer 83 mother
Mary E Gatliff 61 sister
Notes for Alfred W. (Spouse 1)

Alfred and Lucinda were presumably married in Arkansas, where daughters Louisa and Sarah were born in 1846 and 1847. They appear to have gone to Texas about 1848 and daugher Mary was born there in 1849.

Milam County was one of the earliest Texas counties, being part of a land grant that was transferred by the Mexican government to Stephen F. Austin and Samuel May Williams in 1830. Settlement began in the 1830s and the Provisional Government of Texas named it The Municipilaty of Milamm in honor of Texas Hero Benjamin Rush Milam. During the 1st Congress of the Republic of Texas the grant became known as Milam County. Over the next few years 17 other counties were carved from the original Milam County. Williamson County borders Milam County on the West. Anglo settlement began during the Texas Revolution and the early days of the Republic of Texas, when the area was part of Milam County. In 1842 many of the early farms were abandoned when Governor Sam Houston advised settlers to pull back from the frontier. The Indian threat eased after 1846, and part of the influx of settlers who came to Texas after its annexation traveled to the frontier along Brushy Creek and the San Gabriel River. By 1848 there were at least 250 settlers in what was then western Milam County, and in the early months of that year 107 of them signed a petition to organize a new county. Recognizing that the petitioners needed a seat of local government that was considerably closer to them than Milam County's, the Texas legislature established Williamson County on March 13, 1848, naming it for prominent judge and soldier Robert M. Williamson.2952

1850 Census of Milam and Williamson, Williamson Co TX

Name Age
Alfred Conner 25 AR
Lucinda Conner 24 IL
Louisa Conner 4 AR
Sarah J Conner 3 AR
Mary E Conner 1 TX

1860 Census of Burnet, TX

Name Age
Alford W Conner 35 AR
Lucinda Conner 33 IL
Eliza A Conner 14 AR
Sarah J Conner 13 AR
Mary E Conner 11 TX
Wm B Conner 7 TX
Malinda C Conner 5 TX
Samuel S Conner 3 TX
Charles K Conner 1 TX

1870 Census of San Saba, TX

Name Age

Alfred Conner 45 AR
L Ann Conner 40 IL
William B Conner 16 TX
Charlotte M Conner 14 TX
John S Conner 12 TX
Andrew J Conner 11 TX
Charlie Conner 10 TX
S Antny Conner 8 TX
Aurelius Conner 2 TX

1880 Census of Williams Ranch, Brown Co TX

Name Age
Alford W. Conner 55 AR GA GA
Lucinda Conner 54 IL
Chal. W. Conner 16 TX
Sexton A. Conner 14 TX
Shintions Conner 12 TX
Henry T. Cossner 9 TX
Martha Write 17 TX (house keeper)

1900 Census of Mangum, Greer Co OK

Name Age
Andrew J Conner 39 dec 1860 TX TX IL
Maggie M Conner 25 Jul 1874 TX TX MS
Alvie F Conner 4 Apr 1893 OK TX TX
Ira Conner 3 Feb 1897 OK TX TX daughter
Alfred W Conner 75 Aug 1824 AR IN IN father, m 56 years
Lucinda Conner 73 Jun 1826 IL UNK UNK mother, m 56 years, mother of 14, 11 living
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