Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameMildred “Milly” Hartwell 2924, 6G Grandmother
Death1795, Northampton Co VA2925 Age: 75
1Richard Hyde IV , 6G Grandfather
Birthca 1717, Southwark, Surry Co VA2924
DeathMay 1762, Northampton Co VA Age: 45
FatherRichard Hyde III (1682-1719)
ChildrenLetitia (1748-1792)
 Henry (1753-1812)
 Hartwell (1759-1833)
Notes for Mildred “Milly” Hartwell
MILLY HYDE of Halifax Co. to her grandson John Hyde son of Henry Hyde. 11 Nov 1794. For "good will & affection." 1 negro fellow Anthony about 16 years old; 1 negro woman Sue; 1 negro boy Ferril about 3 or 4 years old; 1 sorrell mare: 1 feather bed and furniture and other household furniture. To grandson Richard Hyde son of Henry Hyde: 1 negro boy Allen about 7 years old. To grandson Henry Hyde son of Henry Hyde: 1 negro boy Eaton about 5 years old. To son Henry Hyde: 1 negro fellow Abraham; 1 bay horse. To son Hartwell Hyde: 1 negro fellow Will; 1 ditto Ned; 1 negro girl Agg; 1 bay horse. To grandson Richard Hyde son of Hartwell Hyde: 1 negro woman Bett; 1 negro girl Lela; 1 negro boy Woodley, "children of the aforenamed wench." To granddaughter Milly Hyde daughter of Hartwell Hyde: 1 negro woman Annica. To grandson Blount son of Hartwell Hyde "a child of late born"; 1 negro girl Priscilla. To daughter Sophy Huff 20 shillings. To Chany Parson 20 shillings. To my grandson Richard Hayley son of daughter Lititia Haley dec'd, 20 shillings, to be paid by Henry Hyde and Hartwell Hyde after grantor's decease.
Milley Hyde (X).

Wit: John Sullivant, Jesse Brown. May Ct 1795. CC: L. Long
Notes for Richard (Spouse 1)
RICHARD HYDE 15 May 1762 May Court 17622926

To my son Henry Hyde my land in Northampton Co. on Cedar run containing 320 acres...son Lucas Hyde 250 acres in Brunswick Co. (Va.) on the Middle Fork creek, joining James Williams, David Hyde and Jonas Williams beginning where my sd. brother's line Crosses the Cabbin branch...lend wife Mildred Hyde several negroes for her widowhood and at her Marriage or death sd. negroes to go to sons Henry and Lucas and should they die without issue negroes to go to unborn child and son Hartwell Hyde....lend wife also cattle, horses, household goods etc. and one feather bed...sons Henry, Hartwell and Lucas bed and furniture each...to daughter Ann Avent my horse called Jumper...residue of my estate to go to my 3 sd. sons and the child my wife is now big with...to daughters Letitia, Sophia and Cheyney Hyde one negro each...to son Hartwell, the Plantation whereon I now live and all my other lands which I have not disposed of and one negro after wife's death or marriage...to wife the money due me from her mother's estate (name not given)

Extrs: wife Mildred and Henry Britt
Wits.: David Hyde (X) his mark, Samuel MacCrew, Olive Day


It is possible that this is the Richard Hyde who is reported to have been a Licensed Indian Trader and who was captured and mutilated by Creek warriors for adultery with Indian women:

"The Hydes of Northampton County" paraphrased from the North Carolina Genealogy Society Journal May 1994:

Richard Hyde was hired by James Colbert as a "Licensed Indian Trader." Richard's father, also known as Richard Hyde, had also been employed by Colbert as a packhorseman. The elder Hyde was a former pirate and member of Blackbeard's gang. Hyde quit his life of piracy when Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was killed in 1718. While escorting the Superintendent of Indian Affairs through Creek Territory, both the Superintendent and the elder Hyde were severely beaten and disfigured by some Creek warriors when they were caught in bed with the Indians' wives.

According to 'History of the North-American Indians' by Adair, p.151:2927

"The Muskhoge lately clipt off the ears of two white men for supposed adultery. One had been a disciple of Black Beard, the pirate...."
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