Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameUNNAMED , 8G Grandmother
1John Price II 1655,1680, 8G Grandfather
Birthca 1627, Henrico Co VA
Deathbef 1662, Henrico Co VA Age: 35
FatherJohn Price (1584-1628)
MotherAnn Matthewes (1603-<1666)
ChildrenDaniel (ca1648-ca1692)
 John (ca1650-ca1711)
Notes for John (Spouse 1)
Following quoted from the work of Kay Haden:1669

“The identity of the wife of the second John Price is unknown. She may have been a sister of John and Henry Rowen as evidenced by the Will of John Rowen, 1662, Henrico Co. Another more likely possibility is that she might have married John Rowen after the death of John Price and he was the stepfather of the young Price boys. In his Will, John Rowen instructed his brother Henry to bring up the two sons of the deceased John Price and to manage their estates. He also made small bequests to the orphans, Daniel and John Price. Other bequests were made to his brother Henry, nephew John [son of Henry] and his own son Henry, as well as to Giles Carter. His brother-in-law Richard Ingram was asked to raise his son Henry.

“At least one person has suggested that Giles Carter's wife Hannah was another Rowen and that is why he is mentioned in the will. I doubt that. I'm not sure she was old enough to have been married to Giles by 1662 - most estimate her birth as circa 1650. Of course if the estimate is wrong she could have been older. Then if she was older and married to Giles Carter as early as 1662, it seems her children would have been born earlier.

“Here is an abstract of John Rowen's Will:

“1 May 1662. Will of John Rowen. To nephew John Rowen, son of my brother, Henry Rowen, a cow. To my brother Henry, items, and he is to have the bringing up of the two sons of John Price, deceased, and the management of their estate. To the two orphans, Daniel and John Price, items. To Giles Carter, a cow and gift of a house and land on this plantation for one year, and then it to my brother Henry. All the rest to my son Henry. I desire he be brought up in the knowledge of letters by my brother-in-law Richard Ingram, whom I appoint as guardian and joint administrator to my estate with Francis Dancy. Said child to be in the care of Richard Ingram and his wife and they to dispose of timber and cattle as to be most advantageous to said child. I give to Mr. James and wife a choice of a yoke of oxen.

Wit: Richard Parker, William Fisher, Margaret Crewes.
Henrico Co VA Records, p.15.”

“ADVENTURERS OF PURSE AND PERSON states that John's wife was a daughter of John Wall, but then cites a deed that is for the John in the next generation. They did conclude that John Rowen was her second husband.

“These sons of John Price, Daniel and John, sold 150 acres in 1677, land which was originally patented to the first John Price in 1619. Their uncle Matthew patented land on 23 May 1638; land that was on Turkey Island Creek, bounded by Bremo and the lands granted to his late father John Price and in possession of his mother Ann Hallom, widow. This land was due Mathew in right of his father. A Deed in Henrico Co dated 18 Oct 1681 from Benjamin Hatcher to John Pleasants stated that he was selling a tract of land that had belonged to this father William Hatcher, which William Hatcher had purchased of Daniel & John Price in 1677. This land was known and called by the name of Turkey Island Pointe. A later deed made in Henrico Co in 1691 between John Gundry, son of John Gundry & Ann his wife who was a daughter of Robert Hallum and Ann Price Hallum, reveals Gundry was selling a tract which bounded on Turkey Island Creek, and with the land of John Pleasants, formerly belonging to John Price.

“If Daniel and John Price inherited this land belonging to their grandfather, then that also proves that their father, John Price, was a son of the earliest John. The above deeds also make clear that Daniel and John did not inherit the same piece of property patented by their uncle Matthew, but the property that had been the original grant of John Price in 1619. It is not known what happened to the property of Matthew Price, nor if he had descendants.”
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