Roy Elmo Hadley & Margaret Ann Chesterman - Media
Roy Elmo Hadley & Margaret Ann Chesterman - Media
Roy and Margaret Hadley, 1951
Roy, Alysse, and Cheri Hadley, ca 1954
Roy, Margaret, Alysse, Cheri Hadley, 1955
Cheri, Roy, Alysse Hadley, 1968
Hadley family, 1968
Left to right; Roy, Stacia, Bret, Margaret, Tamara, Todd, Colette, Alysse, Cheri.
Hadley family, October 1975
Hadley family, ca 1975
Top row: Marjorie Crede, Cheri Hadley, Bret Hadley, Tamara Hadley, Margaret Chesterman Hadley, Colette Hadley, Marjorie Kiel Chesterman, Roy Hadley.
Front row: Stacia Hadley, Todd Hadley.
Hadley family, ca 1978
L to R: Cheri Hadley, Marjorie Kiel Chesterman, Todd Hadley, Margaret Chesterman Hadley, Tami Hadley, Colette Hadley, Stacia Hadley, Roy Hadley. Missing children: Alysse and Bret.
Hadley family, at funeral of Jack Hadley, 2010
L-R: Roy, Bill Hadley (cousin), Mary Edith (wife of Bill), Karen Weaver (daughter of Bill and Mary Edith, Fran, Bret. Photo supplied by Robert Miller.
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