Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NamePhillip Goodbread Sr. , 5G Grandfather
Birth23 Nov 1726, Nordheim, Württemberg, Germany
Death24 Apr 1811, Tyron, Rutherford Co NC Age: 84
BurialPlemmons Cemetery, French River Road
FatherJohan Ludwig Goodbrodt (1698-1776)
1Catherine (Unknown) , 5G Grandmother
ChildrenJoseph (1750-1844)
 John (ca1751-1808)
 Mary “Polly” (1769-1846)
 Phillip (ca1762-1839)
 Thomas (ca1763-)
 Jane (ca1765-ca1858)
 Catherine “Kate” (ca1767-<1850)
 Sarah (1769-1850)
 Rachel (ca1772-)
Notes for Phillip Goodbread Sr.
Phillip Goodbread (hereafter referred to as Phillip, Sr.) sired at least nine children. Four sons, Joseph, John, Phillip Jr., and Thomas served, along with their father Phillip Sr., in Captain Robert Porter's Company G, Tyron County troops, from October through December, 1777.705 John, Thomas, and Phillip Jr. changed their allegiance to Tory, whereupon they were charged with treason.706 John relented and rejoined the Revolution,707 but Phillip Jr. fled to Florida, never to return. Although Phillip Sr. had his property confiscated because his loyalty was in question, he was later vindicated and his lands were restored to him. Phillip Goodbread, Sr. has been approved by the California Society of Sons of the Revolution (1776) as a patriot.708 Phillip Sr. lived the rest of his life in Rutherford County, and died there in 1811.

PHILLIP GOODBREAD Sr.,55 shown on Parish Records as Phillipus Gutbrodt, is the direct ancestor of all the Goodbread descendants shown from this point on. He is our link to the ancestors in Chapter I.

Phillip Goodbread, the third child of Johann Ludwig and Christina Barbara (Schickner) Gutbrodt, was born 23 Nov. 1726 in Nordheim, Heilbronn, Wurttemberg, Gemany, and died about 1811 probably in Burke or Rutherford Co. North Carolina. He came with his parents to America on the ship SAMUEL, arriving in Philadelphia 16 Aug. 1731. The ship's list of this family does not show Phillipus, but shows two boys named George. However the Pennsylvania German Society Series Vol. 10, page 160, listing immigrants from Wurttemberg shows him as "Guttbrod, Philippus - Nordheim, B. 11-23-1726, son of Ludwig and Barbara Gutbrod". Phillip was not quite six years old when the family arrived in Philadelphia in August 1732.

In 1750 Phillip Goodbread is on the tax list of Coventry Township, Chester Co. PA, as "Free, tax 9 shillings." We have no record of him between 1750 and 1768, but do know he married sometime before 1750 because we have the birth date of his son Joseph as 3 May 1750. No record of a marriage has been found, but family tradition is that his wife was named Catherine.

The marriage may have taken place in Chester County, or even Lancaster or York County, PA. Before 1850 children were usually named for grandparents, aunts and uncles. First born son was often named for the maternal grandfather and second son for the paternal grandfather. If this family followed this tradition Catherine's father was a Joseph and son John is named for his grandfather Johann Ludwig Gutbrodt. There is no record of Phillip naming a daughter Barbara Christina for his mother. It is very likely that Phillip's first wife died after they moved to North Carolina and he married again. He might have even married a third time before his last child, Rachel was born. From the estimate of the birth dates of his children there is a gap from 1753 to 1761. There might be other children wbo were born during this period who died, but we have no way of knowing.

Note inserted by Clayton Heathcock, 1 November 2008: In 1751-52, Phillip lived in Frederick Co VA, as shown by a land survey record: "JOHN FUNKHOUSER, 17 Feb. 1752-1 May 1752; 294 a. adj. his late survey to include part of his improvements, Jacob Funkhouser, Philip Goodbread land (not surveyed). CC - Barnard Silver, Lewis Goodbread, Junr, Jacob Funkhouser, Junr, Abraham Miller. Surv. Robert Rutherford."709 In 1761 Phillip Sr. was in Orange Co NC, as shown by a land record there: “"Goodbread, Philip Entry 12 Dec 1761; 700 acres on Back Cr. waters of Haw R. includes his improvements. signed with a mark."710 The name Goodbread appears in a list of Frederick Co VA militia, 1755-1761.711

By 1768 the family had moved to North Carolina, for Phillip Goodbread, as Justice of the Peace, signed a petition at a Council held at New Bern, Orange Co. NC that year. (Colonial Records of NC Vol. 7 pg 874). In 1770, his father Ludwig Goodbread in his will in York Co., PA bequeathed his son Phillip one shilling, "if demanded". Was Ludwig displeased with son Phillip who had gone to North Carolina?

By 1775 Phillip Goodbread had settled in Tryon Co. NC, his home being astride the present Rutherford-Burke Co. line. North Carolina General Assembly Session Records· for 1794/95 has a Burke County Petition made by a number of inhabitants of the County in which they state "That we your petitioners labour under many disadvantages in 1iveing at so gret a distance from the Court House it being from 25 to 30 Miles from us. And as the Court house in Rutherford is within 12 or 15 Miles of us, it is much more convenient for us to tend there in Court times, and Musters than at Burke. We therefore pray that you would pass an act of your Body ading that part of Burke County to Rutherford that include the waters of 2d Broad River and Conaways Creek ••• " Among the signers of the Petition were "Philip Goodbred" and his son, "Joseph Goodbred".

Phillip fought in the American Revolution, as evidenced by pay voucher which shows he served as Sgt. from 30 Oct. to 30 Dec. 1777 in Capt. Robert Porter's Company "G" under Brigadier General Rutherford (Gen. Griffith Rutherford is one of my husband's ancestors). For his service he was paid 6 Lbs, 17 Shillings and 6 Pence. (GS #37119969, NC State Archives). He again served in 1781, according to a list of Rev. War Pay Vouchers in the NC Archives.

Phillip Goodbread had a grant for 35 acres in Burke Co. on a branch of Rock Creek, dated 17 Sept. 1797. Attached to the Grant is the following "Sept. 14th, 1797 I transfer my right of the within Warrant to Rachel Goodbread for Value Received. Witness my hand Phillip Goodbread" The Warrant shows the land was "entered June 17th 1791”, a common practice before receiving the Grant. The 35 acres were surveyed for Rachel, who was Phillip's youngest daughter, on 24 Sept. 1797. Phillip had entered a tract of 400 acres and Court Minutes of Tryon Co. in 1778 show he was in a dispute with James Miller over this land, and eventually lost it to Miller. But the Warrant for the 35 acres and the survey show it is adjoining Phillip Goodbread's line.

Phillip Goodbread seemingly owned no land when he died. He left no will and deeded no land to any of his children. The transfer of the 35 acres to daughter Rachel is the only reference to land. In 1810 he made a Deed of Gift of his household goods to his daughter Rachel (Deed Bk 25, P 239). It is possible at that time that Phillip Goodbread moved with his son Joseph to Buncomb Co., joining Joseph's daughter Nancy (Goodbread) Plemmons. One record shows Phillip Goodbread was buried in the Plemmons graveyard on the French Broad River, Buncombe Co. in 1811, but this has not been ~erified. Mr. James T. Goodbread is of the opinion that it is Joseph's father-in-law, Peter Johnson who went to Buncombe County.

From this point on the numbering system will be used for all of the descendants of Phillip Goodbread. Each child in the family has been given a number in the order of their birth, insofar as it is known. The first number on the right will be that particular descendant's position in their parents' family. To find the direct line back to this Phillip Goodbread, each time the first number on the right is dropped, the resulting number will give the parents; drop the next number on the right, resulting in the grandparents, etc., until there is only one digit remaining, which will refer to one of the following nine children of Phillip Goodbread, the progenitor of them all:

1 JOSEPH GOODBREAD, son of Phillip, Sr. and Catherine Goodbread was born 3 May 1750, probably in Chester County, PA. He· moved with his daughter Nancy Plemmons and family to Buncombe County, NC between 1810-1815 and went with them to Cooper Co., MO where he died 15 June 1844. See CHAPTER III for his descendants.

2 JOHN GOODBREAD, son of Phillip, Sr. and Catherine Goodbread was born about 1753 in either Pennsylvania or Orange Co., NC. He remained in Rutherford County, NC and died there between 1807 and 1810. See CHAPTER IV for his descendants.

3 MARY GOODBREAD, daughter of Phillip Goodbread, Sr. was born in 1761, either in Pennsylvania or Orange Co., NC. She married Jesse Henson and they moved to Warren County, KY about 1796, later residing in Calloway County, where they both'died. See CHAPTER V for their descendants.

4 PHILLIP GOODBREAD, JR., son of Phillip Sr. was born about 1762, probably in North Carolina. He served in the American Revolution in 1777 and switched to the Loyalist side. After being accused of treason in 1782 he fled to Spanish Florida. He mo~d to Camden County, GA about 1786 where he lived for about 50 years before returning to Florida where he died in 1839. See CHAPTER VI for his descendants.

5 THOMAS GOODBREAD, son of Phillip Sr. was born about 1763.

There is no Chapter on him as he is believed to have been killed in the American Revolution. Records show he served in Capt. Robert Porter's Co., Tryon County, NC from 30 Oct. to 15 Nov. 1777, a shorter time than his father and brothers. He was granted 100 acres in Tryo County, NC, entered 6 Dec. 1779, which land was surveyed for him, located on Duncan's Creek of Cove Creek. The date of the grant is 26 Oct. 1782 (Tryon Co. Land Grant No. 158, Entry No. 585, Book 41, p 264). Thomas was also accused of treason in 1782. He is on a Pay Abstract for serving six months from 14 June to 13 Dec. 1780, Major Zachariah Gibb's Regiment, Sparta Militia, Ninety Six District. Payment was made 4 Sept. 1781 (Loyalist in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Murtie June Clark, pp 279, 280. There are no further Military records on him.

In Rutherford Co. Deed Book 18-19 p 275, on 13 July 1801 his brother Joseph Goodbread of Burke Co. sold 12 acres of this land to William Haress, showing it was part of land granted to Thomas Goodbread 20 Oct. 1780. Certainly Thomas was deceased by 1801. Since we have him born about 1763 I think it quite possible that he had married about the time he got the land grant in 1782. We could even have the proposed date of his birth wrong and he was born in the 1750's. He is not on the 1790 census and if he was deceased and left a widow and children they could be living with her parents and no way of finding them, short of a will.

There is a Caleb Goodbread who married Nancy Henson (61), daughter of John and Jane (Goodbread) Henson. See Chapter VII for Caleb and Nancy Goodbread's descendants. There is also a Joab Goodbread, served in the War of 1812 in the Burke Co. 3rd Regiment who married in Sumner County, TN 1816 Polly Henson, daughter of William. Joab Goodbread does not show up again, but a Polly Henson, believed to be his widow, married in Marengo County, AL in 1830 Phillip Goodbread (24), son of John Goodbread. This Phillip and Polly moved to Texas in 1834 and on the 1850 census Polly was born about 1797. Could Caleb and Joab be sons of Thomas Goodbread?

6 JANE GOODBREAD, daughter of Phillip Goodbread, Sr. was born about 1765 in North Carolina. She married John Henson, brother to Jesse who had married her sister Mary "Polly" Goodbread. They moved from North Carolina to Warren County, KY about 1782, then to Posey and Vanderburg Counties, IN about 1815 and by 1830 they are in Wayne Co., 1L where John died in 1835 and Jane in 1858. See CHAPTER VII for their descendants.

7 CATHERINE "KATE" GOODBREAD, believed to be a daughter of Phillip Goodbread, Sr. was born about 1767 in North Carolina. She married Samuel Mead and they moved to Floyd County, KY where she died before 1850. See CHAPTER VIII for their descendants.

8 SARAH "SALLY" GOODBREAD, daughter of Phillip Goodbread, Sr. was born 7 June 1769, in either Orange or Tryon County, NC. She married in 1791 George Walton Bradley, who died in Rutherford Co., NC in 1835. After his death Sally moved with her grown children to White County, TN, where she died 6 Dec. 1850. See CHAPTER IX for their descendants.

9 RACHEL GOODBREAD, daughter of Phillip Goodbread, Sr. was his last child. Very little is known about Rachel and there is, therefore, no Chapter on her descendants. Phillip had deeded to her his household goods and farm animals on 15 Nov. 1810 and Rutherford County marriage records show she married Isaac Harris 27 Mar. 1821.
Notes for Catherine (Spouse 1)
There is no evidence of the actual name of Phillip’s wife. Family tradition was that her name was Catherine. It is also not known when Phillip and Catherine were married. Phillip was listed on the 1750 tax list of Coventry Township in Chester Co PA as “Free, tax 9 shillings”. However, he must have been married at this time as the birth date of his son Joseph was 3 May 1750.
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