Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameJoseph Pope Watkins 600
Birth27 Aug 1837, Blount Co AL
Death8 Oct 1919, Leesville, Gonzales, TX Age: 82
BurialGonzales Co TX601
FatherWilliam Pope Watkins (1811-1872)
Birth1 Jan 1842, Texas
FatherLewis Milton Jones (1790-1865)
MotherRebecca Roper (1803-1871)
ChildrenMartha Jane (Mattie) (1858-1949)
 India (1860-)
 Robert (1863-)
 Anna (1866-)
 Richard (1871-)
 Ernest Doermer (1873-)
 Alta (1891-)
Notes for Joseph Pope Watkins
1880 Census of Wilson Co TX

Name Age
Joseph Watkins 43 AL AL TN
Texana Watkins 38 TX NC VA
India Watkins 20 TX AL TX
Anna Watkins 14 TX AL TX
William Watkins 11 TX AL TX
Richard Watkins 9 TX AL TX
Earnest Watkins 6 TX AL TX

1900 Census of Just Pct 4, Wilson Co TX

Name Age
Joseph P Watkins 62 AL TN TN m 42 y
Texana Watkins 58 TX SC VA m 42 y, mother of 11, 8 living
Alta M Watkins 11 TX AL TX

1910 Census of Just Pct 4, Gonzales Co TX

Name Age
Joseph P Watkins 72
Texana Watkins 68
India Alston 50
Notes for Texanna (Spouse 1)

Two letters ... one her own and the other a copy of one written by Texana (Jones) Watkins in 1907 ... from Mrs. Hilmer Littlefield, nee Bessie Mahan, have provided enough information for a story about the second Watkins family of this area.

The first letter (above) came from Los Angeles after the story of "The Family of Willis A. Watkins and His Wife Mary Betts" appeared in the Drummer. Mrs. Littlefield wrote to say that the one daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Watkins whom I had failed to mention in a footnote to the other story was Alta, the youngest, who married Ross Littlefield and was the mother of her husband Hilmer. She verified my statement that the other children were Mattie who married first John Alston and second Joe Hobbs; India who married William Alston; Ethel who married John Glayzer; Robert who married Sallie Carmichael; Richard who married Annie Carmichael; and Ernest who married Lizzie, daughter of Robert Cone and his wife Lora Phillips.

AND she said she had the 1907 letter written by Texana Watkins in which all the children were mentioned that she would be happy to copy for me.

Needless to say, I accepted her kind offer and below I give you the letter of Texana Watkins.

Leesville, Texas Jan. 21, 1907
Mrs. M. V. Henry

Dear Niece

I will write you a few lines in answer to your dear welcome letter which came to hand yesterday. glad to hear that you were all well. it has been a long time since I herd from you I thought you had forgotten me it has been more than a year since I got a letter from you. we are well as common. I have bad Rheumatism all fall and winter in my knees & around I fear some day I will bee a helpless criple ther is a woman here in town that is helpless as a baby that was afflicted as I am Mattie is still living where she first began her married life all of her first children are married one of her girls is a widow. India is here with me. her children have all left home. tough not any of them are married. Robb is doing well. Annie is still in N Mexico Richard is at Beaumont his address is care of J. T. Ray Co. Beaumont Texas. Ernest is in Elpaso Texas. Ethyl is in San Antonio. John has a good job there. Alta is living in this county eight miles from us. She has a baby eight months old. Gladys Richards girl is here with me going to School. We have a fine School here. we have preaching twice a month. our Preacher name's Burk he is one of your old pastors. he knows you all well. I sure enjoy hearing him talk about you all. we are having a very warm winter and a dry one. we want cold wether so we can kill hoggs & bollweevils it is too dry to plant a garden... how is ann getting along ... many of her children are ... how is Jane ... [portions are missing where ... is indicated] and Bud and all the Jo hasent started to plowing yet he is working in the blacksmith Shop at a dollar a day theres is preaching today and tonight at the Baptist Church. I don't go to church often. I am such a criple I can't get in and out of the house very well. as news is scarce I must close. write again soon. love to all.

Your loveing Aunt Tex

The 1880 Census from which I obtained the names of Joseph and Texana Watkins and their children said he was from Alabama but indicated that Texana and all the children were born in Texas. They are listed in the order of birth beginning with India, who was twenty, and continuing with Anna, William, Richard and Ernest. Mattie was already married to John Alston and Robert (the Mr. Bob I knew as a child in Stockdale where he was the tinner) was enumerated in the Alston home with Mattie and her first two daughters: Lenora and Laura.

Alta, who married Ross Littlefield, had not yet been born. Nor had the other two children of the John Alstons: Duetta and Elmer, whose names were given me by Eldridge McMeans [son of O. D. and Laura (Alston) McMeans] on whom I called since Mrs. Littlefield knew only the children of Joseph and Texana Watkins and I wanted to know also the children of Mattie (Watkins) Alston. Eldridge told me that Lenora married Elias Dawson; Duetta married Alford son of Tom and Ary (Denson) Cone

He confirmed the fact for me that Mr. Joe Hobbs and his wife Mattie (Watkins) Alston had only one son who lived to be grown: Elby ... but he named two others born to the marriage: Otha and Manard.

Because Ruth (Denning) Hastings, in trying to help me, gave at least one of the children of India (Watkins) Alston to the John Alstons, I had to make a second trip to see Eldridge. His aunt India had Dessie, Dalmer and Dewall.

The maiden name Jones for Texana was learned from the entry on the frontispiece of a Bible:

"Texana Watkins Book
Presented to her by H.R. Jones
her brother in 1862.
When this you see
remember me
Though never again
your face to see this
side of vast eternity."
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