Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameHiram Milton Jones 1819,1820,1821,1822, 2C2R
Birth17 May 1867, Shelby Co TX
Death1 Dec 1970, Highlands, Harris Co TX Age: 103
BurialMemory Gardens, Baytown, Harris Co TX
Birth17 May 1867, Newbern, Shelby Co TX1819,1820,1821,1822
Death1 Dec 1970, Baytown, Harris Co TX1819,1820 Age: 103
FatherWilliam Enoch Jones (1837-1929)
MotherEllen Jane Bush (1849-1915)
Birth14 May 1879, AL1823,1824,1825,1826,1827
BurialNewbern Cemetery, Shelby Co TX
Death29 Nov 1907, Shelby Co TX Age: 28
Marriage16 Oct 1898, Shelby Co TX
ChildrenThelma (1900-1995)
 Walter Maurice (1901-1966)
 William Noel "Bill" (1902-1997)
 Lillie Elma (1905-2003)
 Infant Twins (~1903-~1903)
 Willie (1907-1908)
Birth1 Sep 1885, Shelby Co TX1819,1828,1829
BurialMemory Gardens, Baytown, Harris Co TX
Death7 Sep 1971, Baytown, Harris Co TX1828 Age: 86
Marriage19 Nov 1908, Shelby Co TX
ChildrenMarvin Edwin (1910-1981)
 Milton Vasco "Jimmy" (1911-1995)
 Herman Cohron (1914-2001)
 Rachel Ilene (1917-2010)
 Lester Leon (1920-2002)
Notes for Hiram Milton Jones
Following courtesy of Norris Long, grandson of Hiram Milton Jones:

Hiram Milton Jones went to school at Newbern under the instruction ofhis teacher, Mrs. Larry. When school was out Milton would go home with her and go to school in Cedar Yard. His pleasure was boxing, singings, picnics, hunting, growing fruit, and reading.

Milton worked at several jobs and helped build the Center Court House in 1885 when he was only eighteen years of age. He was a wagonfreight hauler from Center to Shreveport, peddled from door to doorselling notions and soft goods from a buggy. Milton worked on the railroad at Lampasas, TX and labored at various sawmills before settling as a farmer. He bought his first new car in 1893 and hislast in 1929, a Model A Ford.

His father gave Milton a tract of land to build his first house atNewbern, out from Center, TX. The house caught fire while moving infrom paper being burn in the fireplace. The house was rebuilt andMilton lived at Newbern with his wife, Lula until February, 1907 whenhe bought a farm at Arcadia, TX. Milton's wife Lula fell out of a wagon and lost twins sometime during 1903-1904. Lula died November 29, 1907 giving birth to her seventh child, Willie who was taken by Grandma Ellen Jones and cared for until his death from whopping cougha few months later.

Milton Jones married Mary Ann Pate, added on to the house, bought more land and raised five more children along with the present four in the same house. After all the children were married, Milton sold the farm in 1946 and purchased a lot near Center, TX from Robert Adkinson and Thelma, his oldest daughter. He built a house and moved from the farm the last Monday in May, 1946. He lived there until 1956 when he sold out and bought a house August 11, 1956 in Highlands, TX to be near his youngest daughter Ilene Long.



Hiriam Milton Jones, 103, of 209 N. Magnolia, Highlands, died Tuesday in a Baytown hospital. A retired farmer, he had lived in Highlands 15 years. He was a native of Center.

Survivors are his wife, Mrs. Vlary A. Jones of Highlands; three daughters, Mrs. Thelma Atkinson of Center, Mrs. Lillie McCauley of Fort Worth and Mrs. Ilene Long of Baytown; five sons, Bill Jones of Orange, Talif., Marvin Jones of Fort Worth, Herman Jones of Highlands, Jimmy Jones of Baytown and Leon Jones of Highlands; a brother, Van Jones of Dickson, Calif. Also surviving are 32 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Funeral services will be at 10 d.m. Thursday at Highlands irst Baptist Church, with the rlev. Bonner Magness of- iciating. Burial will be in Memory Gardens, under direction of Earthman Highlands Funeral Home. Pallbearers will be grandsons.1830
Notes for Lula (Spouse 1)
The following story is from Norris Long, grandson of Lula Hathorn Jones:

The woman in the photo was definitely Lula'a sister. The invalid man was, I believe, her brother in law. I believe there was someone who moved in to take care of Thelma, Walter, Lillie and Bill but that didn't work out. The people were not good to the children. I think Lula's sister rescued them from that situation and took them to her house. But Aunt Thelma said that she had more than she could handle so AuntThelma and Walter took care of the little ones and themselves. I think that is a reason their bond was so tight (Thelma and Walter's). I always wondered why the grandmother Hathorn didn't take them in. Thelma said she didn't know the Hathorn's and took it upon herself when she was grown up to approach her Uncle George on the street in Center. After that they had a sort of relationship. I wonder what happened. I thought maybe Grandma Hathorn didn't approve of the marriage. (Maybe the Indian blood.) But that doesn't fit either. She spent time with her daughter Lula and the 4 children when they were little. Aunt Thelma remembered sitting on the porch playing while her mother and grandmother worked at their hat making. There was an open window in the room where the two women worked and talked. Now and then they'd slip bits of ribbon and other trimmings to the children to play with. My Grandfather, Otto Jones, remembers seeing my grandmother Lula loading some hats in a wagon to take out to sell. He was impressed with her. Papa (Otto) also has fond memories of our great grandfather William Jones and the house he built. Papa called him 'Uncle Billy'. Papa knew Milton, but they were not close. Maybe it was the difference in their ages. Pap awas about 20 years younger. It seems like Lula's death caused a breach with the Hathorns.

Aunt Thelma sent me this one and I can't remember what she said about the two males, but the woman is Lula's sister. She was the one Milton left Lula's four little ones with after she died. When he picked them up, they had a new step mother. Aunt Thelma told me that Lula's sister had her hands full. She was married and either her husband or a relative was staying with them and he was an invalid. So Aunt Thelma and Uncle Walter took care of the younger two and tried to help out in the house.
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