Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameWilliam Thornton , 5G Uncle
FatherJohn Fitzhugh Thornton (1718-1787)
Notes for William Thornton
The following was written by historian John Bennett Boddie:1031

William Thornton, apparently the eldest child of John and Agatha Thornton, was a Revolutionary Soldier (Smith's "Story of Georgia and Georgia People", p.623), and settled in Wilkes Co. , Ga. prior to June 20, 1785, when he and his wife Sarah deeded land there (Davidson, Vol. I, p. 212). He was apparently living in Dobbs Co. N. C. in 1777, when as "William Thornton, Jr. of Dobbs Co." he deeded land in Bute Co., N. C. William Thornton died in Wilkes Co. , Ga. in 1800, his administrators being his brother Solomon Thornton, Sr. and his wife, Sally Thornton (Davidson, Vol.1, pp. 141, and 176). Petitions for dividing his property and deeding his land show that his heirs were Solomon Thornton, Jr. , John Thornton, Jr., William Thornton, Jr. , John Hammock, Sr., Thomas Lasley, and Benjamin, George, and Thomas Gresham (brothers and apparently grandsons) (Davidson, Vol. I, pp.147 and 176; Vol. 11, p.301). The land-lottery list of 1803 in Wilkes Co. shows Sarah Thornton, widow, and Solomon Thornton, Jr., each with 2 draws as heads of families, and John Thornton with only 1 draw, as a single man. This John Thornton seems to be the John Thornton who married Rebecca Carter, May 22, 1811 in Wilkes Co. (Davidson Vol.11, p. 357). In the Lottery of 1819, John Thornton and William Thornton are each shown with 2 draws, as married and heads of families, but Sarah Thornton and Solomon Thornton, Jr. have disappeared (Davidson, Vol. I, p. 332). Of the daughters of William and Sarah Thornton, the name of the deceased daughter who married a Gresham and was the mother of William Thornton's heirs, Benjamin, George and Thomas Gresham, is unknown. The daughter who married John Hammock, Sr. seems to have been named Sarah, as John Thornton was appointed administrator of Sarah Hammock Mar. 29, 1827 (Davidson Vol., I, p. 222). The daughter who married Thomas Lasley seems to have been named Catherine. Thomas Lasley died in Wilkes Co. in 1826, and Catherine Lasley and Richardson Booker were appointed administrators July 14, 1826 (Davidson, Vol. I, p. 218). The heirs mentioned in 1828 were David, Thomas Medium, Felix, and Mary Lasley (the last three under age and entrusted to Edward Lasley as guardian); by 1829 Catherine (Thornton) Lasley seems to have married (2) a Reed, and by 1830 the daughter Mary had married a Bell (Davidson, Vol. II, pp. 250-51).
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