Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameRichard Hyde III 2924, 7G Grandfather
Birth1682, Surry Co VA
Death2 May 1719, Southwark Psh, Surry Co VA Age: 37
FatherRichard Hyde Ii (1647-1710)
1Mary Evans 2924, 7G Grandmother
ChildrenDavid (ca1712-1785)
 Richard (ca1717-1762)
 Benjamin (ca1719-1754)
Notes for Richard Hyde III
"The Hydes of Northampton County" paraphrased from the North Carolina Genealogy Society Journal May 1994:

Richard Hyde was hired by James Colbert as a "Licensed Indian Trader." Richard's father, also known as Richard Hyde, had also been employed by Colbert as a packhorseman. The elder Hyde was a former pirate and member of Blackbeard's gang. Hyde quit his life of piracy when Edward Teach (Blackbeard) was killed in 1718. While escorting the Superintendent of Indian Affairs through Creek Territory, both the Superintendent and the elder Hyde were severely beaten and disfigured by some Creek warriors when they were caught in bed with the Indians' wives.

According to 'History of the North-American Indians' by Adair, p.151:2927

"The Muskhoge lately clipt off the ears of two white men for supposed adultery. One had been a disciple of Black Beard, the pirate...."


The foregoing legend is suspect on several counts:

1. The Richard Hyde to whom the legend is normally attached was born in 1682 and is said to have died in 1719. James Logan Colbert was a Scot trader who married a Chickasaw wife named Minta Hoye and had five mixed-race sons who were prominent leaders in the Chickasaw for most of the 19th century. He was born in 1721, after Richard Hyde had already died.2930

2. Adair’s book, “History of the Indians” was published in 1775, so the statement “…lately clipt off the ears…” could not refer to the Richard Hyde who was b in 1682 and died 2 May 1719. In fact, Adair himself was born in 1709 and was only 10 years old when Richard Hyde died.

3. Furthermore, the legend of Richard Hyde’s father (also named Richard Hyde) being a former pirate in Blackbeard’s gang is somewhat inconsistent with the death date attributed to the elder Richard Hyde (1710) and the fact that Blackbeard was not captured and killed until 1718. At the very least, if he really was a pirate, as the legend holds, he did not quit the gang after Blackbeard was killed.

It is possible that it is this Richard Hyde who spent time in Blackbeard’s gang and his son who was hired by Colbert as a Licensed Indian Trader.
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