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Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameChristian Wright (?) 1075, 9G Grandmother
Birth1646, New Castle Co DE
Death20 Jul 1708, Baltimore MD3055 Age: 62
Birthca 1632, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Death17 May 1708, Baltimore MD Age: 76
FatherJoris Kindloson (1605-1696)
MotherFijtzen Hendricks (1609-ca1703)
Marriageca 1667, New Castle Co DE1988
ChildrenJohn (1668-1703)
 Hester (ca1670-1720)
 Margaret (ca1672-1720)
 Hendricks (ca1675-ca1703)
 Abraham (ca1678-1709)
Notes for Hendricks (Spouse 1)
LDS shows1075
Hendrick Enloes b. 1632
Christain b. 1646 New Castile Delaware.

Shows Hendrick as son of Joris Kindloson b. 1605
married 1626
Fijtgen Hendricks b. ?

Hendrick b. 1632 in Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands.
Using Dutch naming system that would mean Joris was son of Kindlos and Fijtgen was daughter of Henrick.

See also Maryland Archives Vol. 2 p. 400.

For Year 1674:
Assembly proceedings May-June 1674.

Henry Inloeas petitioned Lord Proprietary of Maryland for citizenship.
Henry Enloes under the Dominions of the States General of the United provinces.(i.e. Holland)
p. 401 granted right to stay in Maryland.
p. 402 Maryland Citenship.

Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
Name: Henry Enloes
Year: 1674
Place: Maryland
Source Publication Code: 3213
Primary Immigrant: Enloes, Henry
Annotation: From Bacon's Laws of Maryland. Many British, 1600s-1700s.
Source Bibliography: HODGES, MRS. GEORGE W., contributor. "A List of Persons Naturalized by Particular Acts." In The County Court Note-Book. A Little Bulletin of History and Genealogy. Edited by Milnor Ljungstedt. Reprinted by Genealogical Printing Co., Baltimore, 1972. Vol. 2:1 (Feb. 1923), pp. 1-2; vol. 2:3 (June 1923), pp. 18-19; vol. 2:5 (Oct. 1923), pp. 33-34.
Page: 18

According to the will of Hendricks Enloes, probated 5/18/1708, he left to his grand daughter, Christian Wright, "one cow calfe when she comes of age of 14 years". Christian was the daughter of Hester & William Wright.3056

The will of Hendrick lists children, Abraham, John, Hester and Margaret. It also shows a grandson (Henry Galloway, son of Margaret) and granddaughter (Christian Wright, daughter of Hester). Records in Maryland show that Hester Enloes married William Wright. I would have to check the exact record, but off the top of my head, I believe it is listed in the book of Thomas Enloe under marriage records. The will can be found in the book by E. E. Enlow (Hendricks will).3057

Hendrick's will lists the names of five children. Abraham, Hendrick, John (deceased before his father), Hester and Margaret. I show Hester as marrying William Wright. And Hendrick lists in his will, His grandaughter, "Christian Wright, one cow calfe when she comes to the age of fourteen years."3058
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