Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameJoel Buckner 1230, 1C4R
BirthJan 1825, TN
Death23 Feb 1911, Grandin, Carter Co MO Age: 86
FatherThomas Buckner (1796-1850)
MotherNancy Kear (1797-1860)
Birth1828, NC
Death1880, Arcadia, Iron Co MO Age: 52
ChildrenJohn (1848-)
 James Knox (ca1850-)
 Jane (ca1853-)
 Robert Andrew (ca1857-1949)
 Nancy J. (ca1860-)
Notes for Joel Buckner
Joel Buckner was born January, 1825, in Tennessee. He married Mary (family source says it may have been Seal), about 1847 to 1848. Mary was born circa 1828. They had six children.

"According to our family tradition", stated Rev. Leslie Buckner, "and some knowledge of which we are not proud, young Joel Buckner began to have fights in Arcadia and Ironton. Soon he found he was more than a match for most men and those who thought they could make a name for themselves. For several years they tried to whip him. A ring was drawn in the street and the fight would begin. Each time Joel would win and this went on for many years. One day in a tavern, a man named Evans slipped up behind Joel and grabbed htm but Joel whipped him with one lick. Joel then went and got Evans’ son and the son and Joel fought until neither could fight any longer. Joe told the younger man, "If this was a few years back, you would’t last five minutes!"

"Knowing men were after him because of his fightinq ability as a young man ... and knowing he was no longer young ... Joe became ill tempered and began to drink heavily. He began to carry knives and guns to protect himself and evidently was a very dangerous man."

“0ne evening ,Joel and Daniel Owen were riding their horses and got into an argument. They jumped off their horses and Joel mortally wounded Daniel Owen with his knife. The man lasted only a few days.”

“After wanderinq around a few days, Joel finally gave himself up and eventually was cleared by the law. He and his wife Mary separated and finally divorced in 1880. Joe became a drifter and later worked in Carter, Oregon, and Shannon counties, occasionally returning to Iron County for visits."

“This was a sad story, one which should be a lesson to those who might fall into the same kind of thinq as he. Joe was an expert rifleman who could shoot a squirrel out of a tree and never miss - even at 80 years of age plus. He was very strong even in old age; he was not a large man, just tall and lean. His only possession in his o1d age was a long rifle and three gold pieces which he always carried."

“He was always difficult, even when he was old; the last time 0his sons saw him was in 1910 when he left angry about somethinq. He died of pneumonia at Grandin, Mo., the result of exposure ... brought upon himself because of his not being able to get along with any of his fami ly. He di ed February 23, 1911.”
Notes for Mary (Spouse 1)
1880 Census of Arcadia, Iron Co MO
Household Members Age Relationship

Mary Buckner 52 Self (Head)
Mary Buckner 25 Daughter
Robert A. Buckner 23 Son
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