Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameLouiza Moore 4445
Birth14 Nov 1836
Death29 Mar 1912, Tishomingo Co MS Age: 75
Birth10 Oct 1819, Madison Co AL
Death12 Sep 1903, Burton, Prentiss Co MS Age: 83
FatherRichard Shackelford Jr. (1787-1867)
MotherFrances Arnold (1788-1862)
Marriage4 Nov 18904446
Notes for Louiza Moore
Mrs. Lou Shackelford, widow of Capt. W. A. H. Shackelford, died last Friday at Burtons at the home of Mrs. S. G. Ramsey, where she was visiting. Mrs. Shackelford had been afflicted for years but was confined only a few days before death released her. We feel that we have lost a good stepmother and her kind acts will ever be cherished in our memory.

She was married to Capt.Shackelford on the 4th day of November, 1890.

The remains of our dear good stepmother was followed to Mackey's Creek Cemetery by a host of relatives and friends and laid to rest in their last resting place.
Notes for Willis Arnold Hopgood (Spouse 1)
1850 Census of Tishomingo Co MS

Household Members Age

Willis A H Shackford 30

Francis Shackford 29

Nancy E Shackford 10

Martha J Shackford 8

Eliza F Shackford 6

Mary Ann Shackford 5

Charles R Shackford 3

Wm H Shackford 1

1860 Census of Tishomingo Co MS

Household Members Age

Wm A Shackleford 41

Francis Shackleford 40

Nancy E Shackleford 20

Martha J Shackleford 17

Eliza F Shackleford 16

Mary A Shackleford 15

Clark R Shackleford 13

William H Shackleford 11

Emly C Shackleford 9

Harriet M Shackleford 8

James E Shackleford 6

Thomas A Shackleford 4

Louisa C Shackleford 11/12

Jackson Akers 21

1870 Census of Tishomingo Co MS

Household Members Age

Willis Shackleford 50

Frances Shackleford 49

Nancy E Shackleford 30

Eliza F Shackleford 27

Emily C Shackleford 17

Harriett M Shackleford 17

James E Shackleford 14

Thomas A Shackleford 12

Ludia C Shackleford 12

Sarah G Shackleford 8

John M Shackleford 3
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