Rhodesian Ridgeback Rankings

The following files list the top Rhodesian Ridgeback show dogs for purposes of RRCUS awards. Rankings were taken from RRCUS publications. These lists were compiled while I was Webmaster of rrcus.org (1996-1999). These historical rankings are no longer carried by rrcus.org. In the interest of history, and since it took a good deal of effort to compile the lists, I am publishing them on this site.

Top RRs, 1956-1981

Top RRs, 1982-2018

2019-present: Canine Chronicle Rankings

Clayton Heathcock; June 12, 2023

CAVEAT: The lists are as used by RRCUS for awards. Starting in 1982, the rankings are simple--the number of other Ridgebacks defeated (i.e., "breed points"). In the early years, different systems were employed. For part of this period, the system used appears to have been a combination of breed and all-breed points, with bonuses for BIS or group placements.

As an example, the following rankings, taken from the March/April 1978 issue of The Ridgeback show that the #1 RR, Ch Bimbo's Ginger of Kali, had fewer breed points than three other RRs and would have ranked #4 under the modern system of rankings.

These rankings fit the following algorithm: A dog was given 1/2 point for each other Ridgeback defeated by virtue of winning BOB, 1/2 pt for every other dog defeated by virtue of winning BIS or placing 1-4 in a group, with a bonus of 10 points for BIS, 5 points for Group 1, 4 points for Group 2, 3 points for Group 3, and 2 points for Group 4.

In this system, the No. 1 Ridgeback (Ch Bimbo's Ginger of Kali) was only #4 in breed points but earned a great many points by her many group placements and her Best in Show. Under the modern system of RRCUS rankings, the No. 1 Ridgeback in 1977 would have been Ch Rob Norm's Ebon.