Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameJacob Brecher
Birth23 Oct 1808, Willingen, amt Marienburg, Nassau, Prussia3194
Death9 Aug 1879, Comal Co TX3194 Age: 70
BurialNew Braunfels Cemetery, Comal Co TX3195
Birth1811, Prussia
Death27 Sep 1845, Texas Age: 34
BurialNew Braunfels Cemetery, Comal Co TX3196
ChildrenRosina (1839-1845)
 Gustav (1842-1915)
Birth19 Sep 1825, Sieden Bollenstin, Pomerania, Germany3197
Death31 Jan 1914, Comal Co TX13 Age: 88
BurialNew Braunfels Cemetery, Comal Co TX3198
MotherWilhelmina Hagemeister (ca1803-1833)
Marriage9 May 1847, Comal Co TX22
ChildrenWilhelmine (1848-)
 Louise (1851-1926)
 Carl (1854-1880)
 Amalie (1856-)
 Marie (1860-1939)
 Anna (1862-1949)
 Rudolph (1863-1956)
Notes for Jacob Brecher
Jacob Brecher, his first wife Elisa Schultheiss, and children Rosina and Gustav arrived in Texas as part of the German immigrations in the mid-1840s. Their point of entry was probably Indianola.3199 The following immigration record shows their arrival:3200

• 1844: Joh Jacob Brecher, wife Elis Schultheiss, child Gustav, child Rosina

Rosina and Elisa both died within a year of arrival and Jacob was widowed at age 37 with 3-year old Gustav. He met Caroline Karbach, then a 21-year old daughter of another German immigrant family, who arrived in Texas in 1846 and they were married in May 1847. The first census record for the family is the 1860 census, when they were living near New Braunfels with Gustav and five more children. Jacob was about 17 years older than his Caroline.

1860 Census of Comal Co TX (outside New Braunfels)

Name Age
Jacob Brecher 51 b Nassau
Caroline Brecher 34 b Prussia
Gustav Brecher 17 b Nassau
Wilhelmine Brecher 11 b TX
Louise Brecher 9 b TX
Carl Brecher 5 b TX
Amalie Brecher 4 b TX
Marie Brecher 5/12 b TX

1870 Census of Comal Co TX

Name Age
Jacob Brecher 61 b Prussia
Caroline Brecher 44 b Prussia
Louise Brecher 19 b TX
Karl Brecher 16 b TX
Amalie Brecher 14 b TX
Marie Brecher 10 b TX
Anna Brecher 8 b TX
Rudolph Brecher 6 b TX
Notes for Elisa (Spouse 1)
It is not known exactly what took Elisa and her daughter but the following account of conditions in New Braunfels at that time might be informative:3201

“The spring and summer of 1846 proved very trying on the inhabitants of New Braunfels. The winter of 1845-1846 had brought with it a considerable amount of rain. . . . Disease broke out among them and developed into an epidemic. The germs of the disease were brought to New Braunfels when the immigrants were finally moved from Carlshafen [another German settlement]. The warmer the weather became, the more the disease spread. . . . On the banks of the Comal a long shed, which came to be called the hospital, was erected, where the sick were taken and visited daily by Dr. Theodore Koester.

The epidemic was caused by a disease known as petechial fever . . . The disease was accompanied by a very severe fever, during which small crimson spots, caused by an extravasation of blood into surrounding tissues after a rupture of the vessels, appeared on the body. Petechial fever is called epidemic cerebro-spinal meningitis in Webster, New International Dictionary. Others described the disease as scurvy accompanied with dysentery.”
Notes for Anna Carolina (Spouse 2)
1880 Census of Comal Co TX

Name Age
Caroline Brecher
54 head, b Prussia, father & mother b Prussia, widowed
Carl Brecher 26 son, b TX, father b Nassau, mother b Prussia, single
Louise Groos 29 dau, b TX, father b Nassau, mother b Prussia, divorced
Anna Brecher 18 dau, b TX, father b Nassau, mother b Prussia, single
Rudolph Brecher 16 son, b TX, father b Nassau, mother b Prussia, single
Clara Groos 5 g-dau, b TX, father & mother b TX

1900 Census of Comal Co TX

Name Age
Rudolph Brecher 36
Maria Brecher 25
Rudolph Brecher 3
Erna Brecher 2
Edgar Brecher 1/12
Carolina Brecher 74

1910 Census of Comal Co TX

Name Age
Rudolph Brecher 46
Marie Brecher 35
Rudolph Brecher 13
Erna Brecher 12
Edger Brecher 10
Ruby Brecher 8
Elsie Brecher 3
Carolina Brecher 85
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