Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. & Mabel Ruth Sims - Media
Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. & Mabel Ruth Sims - Media
Clayton & Ruth, 1957
Clayton & Ruth, 1957
Clayton Heathcock - Mable Ruth Sims marriage license
Clayton Howell & Mabel Ruth
Clayton Howell & Mabel Ruth - 2
Clayton Howell & Mabel Ruth - 4
Clayton Howell & Mabel Ruth - 1
Clayton Howell & Mabel Ruth - 3
Clayton & Ruth, 1960
Heathcock families, 1964
Clayton Heathcock, Ruth Sims Heathcock, James Franklin Heathcock, Marilyn Hoag Heathcock, Peggy Heathcock; children: Brad Heathcock (in arms of father), Barbara, Cheryl, Rebecca and Steven Heathcock.
Heathcock children, ca 1965
Cheryl, Steven, Becky, Barbara, ca 1968
Kids note, 1969
Heathcock family, Idaho, 1970
Left to right; Steven, Cheryl, Clayton, Ruth, Rebecca, Barbara.
Clayton & Ruth Heathcock, 1971
Heathcock family at Cheryl's 1989 wedding
Left to right: Steven Heathcock, Barbara Heathcock, Clayton Heathcock, Cheryl Heathcock Jackson, Randall Jackson, Rebecca Heathcock, Ruth Sims Heathcock Vandestraat.
Heathcock family, 1992
Back row, from left: Randall Jackson, Steven Heathcock, James Gillan, Rebecca Heathcock.
Front row, from left: Cheryl Heathcock Jackson, Clayton Heathcock, Cheri Hadley, Barbara Heathcock, Byron Gillan.
Family reunion, 2008
Heathcocks, 26 December 2010
Back: Rebecca, Steven
Front: Barbara, Cheryl
Heathcock family, December 2010
Left to right: Cheryl Jackson, Rebecca Heathcock, Conner Heathcock (holding white dog), Camille Heathcock, Steven Heathcock, Clayton Heathcock, Emily Jackson (holding grey dog), Barbara Heathcock, Cheri Hadley, Ruth Vandestraat, Diana Conners.
Christmas 2018
Steven Heathcock, Diana Conner, Conner Heathcock, Camille Heathcock, Clayton Heathcock. December 25, 2018
1957 Tex and Sam
2021 Tex and Sam
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