Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. - Media
Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. - Media
Clayton Heathcock, December 1936
Photo courtesy of Ted Earl Akin, October 2008.
Clayton Heathcock, 1937
Clayton Heathcock, 1937
On a pony that was brought from door to door for the purpose of photographing children.
613 Ripley, San Antonio
This is the house where Clayton Heathcock Jr. lived in 1939. The photo was taken in 2008.
Jim & Clayton Heathcock, Randy Jones, 1942
Clayton Heathcock Jr 1942
In a swing at Brackenridge Park in San Antonio.
Heathcocks and Staggs, ca 1944
Clayton Jr. took the photo
Clayton Heathcock Sr., his mother and children, 1945
Clayton Heathcock Jr. in Junior Yanks of America uniform, giving salute.
Clayton & Marilyn Hall, ca 1946
First Cousins 1947
Front, left to right: Peggy Heathcock, Jack Hall, Molly Jones.
Back, left to right: Jim Heathcock, Randy Jones, Clayton Heathcock, Marilyn Hall.
Clayton Heathcock, 1949
Clayton Heathcock, ca 1954
Clayton Heathcock, 1956
Clayton Heathcock, 1958
Heathcock, Clayton Howell Jr.
Heathcock Family ca 1965
Left to right: Clayton Heathcock Jr., Peggy Heathcock, Frances Heathcock, Jim Heathcock.
Heathcock, Clayton Howell Jr.
Clayton Heathcock & Andrew Streitwieser, 1970
Clayton Heathcock & Andrew Streitweiser, 1972
Clayton Heathcock, 1972
Clayton Heathcock, 1973
Clayton Heathcock & Victoria Lanier, ca 1974
Clayton Heathcock, 1976
Clayton Heathcock, 1977
Clayton Heathcock, 1978
Clayton Heathcock, 1987
Clayton Heathcock, April 1988
Clayton Heathcock, 1989
Clayton Heathcock, October 1989
Speaking at the W. S. Johnson Symposium, Stanford University.
Clayton Heathcock, Thanksgiving 1989
Clayton & Byron, 1991
Clayton Heathcock, December 1996
Recovering from total left knee replacement, Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley.
Clayton Heathcock, December 1996
Recovering from knee replacement with help of five Rhodesian Ridgebacks.
Clayton Heathcock, 1999
Clayton Heathcock, 1999
Clayton Heathcock, 2000
Clayton Heathcock Jr. at 63 years of age.
Clayton Heathcock & Gandalf, 2001
Clayton Heathcock, July 21, 2001
Clayton Heathcock and grandson Conner Heathcock, Oct 2010
Clayton Heathcock at RRCUS National Specialty, Sept 2010
Clayton showing dog, 2011
Clayton at dog show, October 2012
Clayton Heathcock judging at the 2013 RRCUS National Specialty
Clayton was asked to judge the Beginner Puppy Class (4-6 months old) at the 2013 National Specialty of the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States in Topeka, Kansas.
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