Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. & Cheri Rae Hadley - Media
Clayton Howell Heathcock Jr. & Cheri Rae Hadley - Media
Cheri & Clayton above Longs Lake, 1976
Batchelor dad, 1973
Steven, Clayton, Rebecca, Cheryl and Barbara Heathcock; San Rafael house, 1973.
Clayton & kids, backpacking in 1973
Cheri & Clayton, 1977
Cousins, 1977
L to R: Brad Heathcock, Jason Wood, Lisa Heathcock, Cheryl Heathcock, Steven Heathcock, Barbara Heathcock, Rebecca Heathcock.
Cheri & Clayton, 1978
Clayton & Cheri, 1980
June, 1980; Cheri's graduation from UC Berkeley (Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry)
Clayton & Cheri, 28 Nov 1980
At their wedding, held at Chez Panisse Resturant in Bekeley, CA.
Cheri & Clayton, 1982 (in Japan)
Cheri & Clayton, 1986
Clayton & Cheri, 1987
Cheri & Clayton, 1990
On board the Seabourn Spirit, cruising Norwegian fjords.
Clayton & Cheri, Christmas 1992
Clayton & Cheri at Pompeii, 1994
Heathcock family, Christmas 2000
Back row, left to right: Steven Heathcock, Diana Connor Heathcock, Rosemary Moorehead, Laurel Moorehead, Rebecca Heathcock, Doug Moorehead (holding Camille Heathcock). Front row, left to right: Clayton Heathcock (holding Connor Heathcock), Peggy Heathcock, Cheri Hadley, Jim Heathcock, Pat Heathcock.
Clayton & Cheri, March 31, 2001
Clayton & Cheri, December, 2002
Clayton & Cheri, Antartica, December 2005
Clayton & Cheri, January 2009
Clayton & Cheri, Koala Bear, Sydney, March 2009
Cheri & Clayton, at Uluru, March 2009
Cheri & Clayton & snorkle guide, Bora Bora, July 2009
Clayton & Cheri, July 2009
Clayton & Cheri, French Polynesia Cruise, July 2009
Clayton & Cheri, July 2009
Cheri & Clayton, December 2010
Family photo, NYC-Bermuda Cruise, July 2011
Top, l to r: Peggy Heathcock, Collin Gillan, Byron Gillan, Jim Gillan, Jim Heathcock

Next row, l to r: Steven Heathcock, Barbara Joanne Roddy, Barbara Heathcock, Rebecca Heathcock, Pat Heathcock

Next row: Emily Jackson (l), Clayton Heathcock (r)

Next row, l to r: Doug Moorehead, Cheri Hadley, Mabel Rugh Sims Vandestraat, Diana Conner, Cheryl Heathcock Jackson

Front row, l to r: Camille Heathcock, Iain Gillan, Conner Heathcock
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