Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameMary Rowland
Birthca 1706, New Garden MM, Chester Co PA
Death1733, Mill Creek, New Castle Co DE Age: 27
Birth6 Mar 1703, Moate MM, West Meath Co Ireland
Death21 Oct 1760, Cane Creek MM, Orange Co NC Age: 57
FatherSimon Hadley Ii (ca1675-1756)
MotherRuth Keran (Or Miller) (1677-1750)
Marriage2 Jul 1725, New Garden MM, Chester Co PA
ChildrenRuth (ca1726-1812)
 Thomas (ca1728-1781)
 Sarah (1730-)
Notes for Joshua (Spouse 1)
Joshua was born in Ireland and was about 10 years old when his family came to America. It is not known when Joshua went to Virginia. He bought land there in 1748 in Augusta which is now Botetourt County. He may have located there prior to that time or at some later date. His son Thomas was married at London Grove Meeting, Pennsylvania in 1750. Thomas was 20 years old in 1748. Joshua's oldest child, Ruth married in 1742 at New Garden Meeting in Pennsylvania which would indicate that her father still lived there at that time.

Joshua Hadley and Patience Brown were married by a "priest." "This being contrary to Friends' principles, they were disowned by New Garden, Pennsylvania Monthly Meeting on 24 February 1736. Upon acknowledgement of their "guilt", they were re-installed on 30 May 1737.

Shortly after his marriage to Patience Brown, Joshua Hadley was reported to have fathered an illigitimate child with Margery Lindley (see note attached to Margery Lindley for more details).

Joshua located in that part of Augusta county, Virginia now included in Botetourt county (organized in 1770), at the junction of Craig Creek and James River, just across the river from the present-day village of Eagle Rock and about 30 miles northeast of the city of Roanoke. He purchased other lands in the vicinity as will be seen from the following items taken from Chalkey's "Records of Augusta County, Virginia."

1748 18 August. Deed Book 2, Page 48 - Rev. John Craige to Joshua Hadley 400 acres in fork of Craig's Creek and James River. Isabella Hellena, wife of John. Teste: Thos. Lewis, Silas Hart, Rob't McClenachan.

1750 29 August. Deed Book 2, Page 854 - Benj. Borden etc. to Joshua Hadley 345 acres, part of 2880 acres on Catabo Creek. (This was probably the south branch of Craig Creek extending from present-day New Castle southwestward near the border between Craig and Roanoke counties.) Patented by Benj. Sr. 19th March 1740, Page 866. Same to Thomas Hadley on Catuba Creek, 334 acres, part of above patent.

1751 28 May. Deed Book 3, Page 239 - Thomas Hadley to John Marshall (his brother-in-law), 184 acres on Catuba Creek of James River: Borden's tract, top of Mount Hadley. Teste: James Alexander, Rob't Grey.

1751 28 November. Deed Book 2, Page 92 - James Patton to Joshua Hadley 186 acres by patent Nov. 3, 1750 a place called the Long Bottom. Southside of James River.

1752 20 May. Deed Book 4, Page 253 - Borden to Thomas Hadley 399 acresof 2880 patented 9 March 1750. Catuba Creek of James.

1753 12 Dec. Deed Book 6, Page 22 - Joshua Hadley and Patience to Thomas Hadley, 400 acres in fork of James River and Craigs Creek. Teste: Edward McDonald. Delivered to Wm. Preston.

1754 13 March. Will book 2, Page 19 - Joseph and David Robinson and Edward McDonald appraised the improvements and value of the stock on the four sundry tracts of land belonging to Joshua Hadley, and his expenses in coming to Virginia and moving his family there. 115 acre tract, called the Half Moone, L23,0,0. 186 acre tract called Long Bottom, L30,0,0. 400 acre tract at the mouth of Craig's Creek, L44,0,0. 50 acre tract, called the pound bottom, L10,0,0. For six weeks journey in coming to and going from Virginia, at 5 Sh. per day, L10,0,0. For coming with his wagon stock and family, six weeks at 20 Sh. per day, L42,0,0. TotalL159,0,0.

1760 18 Aug. Deed book 9, Page 15 - Joshua Hadley and Patience of Orange County, North Carolina, to Robert Kyle of Albemarle L90,345 acres on Catawba of James River, part of 2880 acres granted to Benj. Borden, 9 March 1740. Teste: James Rowland, Joshua Hadley Jr., David Irvine. Livery of seisin. Delivered: Rev. Alex Miller, 21 May 1770.

1762 10 Feb. Deed book 10, Page 425 - Jeremiah Hadley of Orange County, North Carolina, to John Reid of Amherst, L42, 10, 0. 115 acres patented to James Patton, 3 Nov 1750, and conveyed to Joshua Hadley and devised by Joshua to Jeremiah, on James River. Teste: Alex Reid, Thos. Henderson,Alexander Reid Jr., John Lyon. Proved by witness. Delivered: ThomasReid, May 1765.

(Also listed in "History of Rockbridge County Virginia" by Oren F. Morton page 358. )

"Hadley, Jeremiah, of Orange County North Carolina - to John Reed. 215,patented by James Patton - 42P 10S - 1762 - North side of James. "

1764 21 July. Deed book 11, Page 675 - Joshua Hadley executer for JoshuaHadley late of Augusta County, gent., to John McClure, L46, 186 acres by patent 3 Nov 1750, in the Long Bottom, south side James River. Teste: Hugh Martin, Malcolm, Martha and Hugh Allen.

1764 21 July. Deed book 11, Page 770 - Joshua Hadley, executor of Joshua Hadley, deceased, to Malcome Allen, of Prince Edward County, Virginia, L15, 50 acres by patent, 3 Nov 1750. Called the Pound Bottom. Beginning south side James River, at the lower end of the Bottom, a hill opposite an island. Teste: Hugh Martin, Martha Allen, Hugh Allen, Robert Martin, Mary McElheny. Delivered: Francis Smith, 1 Oct 1767.

1764 12 Nov. Deed book 11, page 730 - Thomas Hadley and Mary of Cumberland County N. C. to George Poage, L140, 400 acres in for of James River and Craig's creek. Teste: Henry Carter.

1764 13 Nov. Deed book 11, Page 731 - Thomas Hadley to James Rowland, L130, 549 acres on Catawbo Creek; corner in the Great Patent line and a small tract belonging to William Preston, Mount Hadley - first surveyed in two tracts and conveyed to Thomas Hadley by Borden. Delivered: Francis Smith, March Court 1762.

Joshua Hadley's sojourn in Virginia probably did not exceed ten years. In 1756, at the age of 53 and within a few months after his father's death, he re-located with the other Pennsylvania Quakers at Cane Creek, North Carolina. In the records of New Garden Monthly Meeting, Pennsylvania, "7-31-1756 it was represented that Patience Hadley, having been removed for some time, writes for a certificate to Friends at Cane Creek, NC which was granted her and children 8-28-1756," and in Cane Creek minutes "10-2-1756 Patience Hadley with husband and children received on certificate from New Garden Monthly Meeting, PA.

Joshua lived only 12 years after coming to North Carolina. He established a reputation in the community that led to the erection of a memorial monument to him and his wife Patience at Spring Meeting near Snow Camp, North Carolina in 1931. The monument is constructed from parts of Joshua's home and grist mill. The stone bearing the bronze plaque is from the hearth of the huge fireplace, the stone supporting it is from the chimney and the two rest on a grinding stone from the mill. The locality called Hadley in Chatham County is presumed to be the former location of Joshua's mill.
Notes for Joshua (Spouse 1)

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN, I Joshua Hadley of Orange County in the province of North Carolina being weak of body but of sound memory (blessed be God) do this seventieth (17th?) day of September in the Year of Our Lord, One-thousand-seven-hundred-and sixty make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following (that is to say).

First, I give and bequeath unto Patience, my dearly beloved wife, all the profits, commodities arising from the plantation I now live on until the day of her death or the day of her marriage. It is my will that at the day of my beloved wife's death or the day of her marriage, it should please God to enjoin her with it that the plantation I live on shall be my son Joseph's, his heirs and assigns forever, in fee simple, also, it is my will that my son, Joseph, shall pay the sum of twenty-five pounds proclamation money to my daughter Lydia at the day of her marriage or at the age of eighteen. Also, I give and bequeath unto Patience, my dearly beloved wife, all the working utensils, furniture, and also all the stock of horses, cattle, sheep, or swine, also it is my will that my dearly beloved wife Patience shall pay the sum of fifty pounds proclamation money to my daughter, Lydia, at the day of her marriage or at the age or eighteen, but the horses, beasts that I give my sons viz Joshua and Joseph before, shall be their own property and likewise it is my will that my just debts and funeral is to paid first and the remainder of my moveables and money that is coming to me it is my will it should be my beloved wife's only the bringing up my children to the ages of maturity and giving them education excepting some small legacies I propose to will to my beloved children hereafter.

I will and bequeath to my son, Jeremiah, one tract of land called the Half-Moon Bottom on James River in Virginia containing one-hundred and fifteen acres and to him his heirs and assigns forever in fee simple. I give and bequeath to Joshua, my son, two tracts of land one called Long Bottom containing one hundred eighty-six acres and the other called Round Bottom containing fifty acres both lying on James River to him his heirs assigns forever in fee simple; also it is my will that my sons, viz Jeremiah and Joshua, each of them shall pay the sum of six pounds five shillings proclamation money to my daughter, Lydia, at the day of her marriage or at the age of eighteen. I will and bequeath to my son, Thomas Hadley, the sum of five shillings sterling and to my daughter Ruth Marshall and my daughters, Mary Poggo, Deborah, Hannah and Katherine I will and bequeath unto each one of them five shillings sterling they all being already portioned by my father and myself. I will and bequeath unto my daughter, Sarah Fred, all the money and bonds now due to me in Pennsylvania. Also, it is my will that my daughter, Sarah Fred, shall pay unto my son, Simon, the sum of five pounds to be paid within six months next after my decease also to pay my step-mother ten shillings yearly during her widowhood. I further do appoint my beloved wife, Patience, and my son Joshua to be my executors of this my last will and testament and I do hereby revoke all other wills and testaments by me made and I do deliver this to my last will and testament given under my hand and seal the day and year above written.

Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and delivered by the said, Joshua Hadley to be his Last Will and Testament in presence of us. N.B. It is my will that if any of my children should die before they come of age that their legacy should be equally divided among the rest that survives.
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