Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameJoseph Curran Huff III , GGG Grandfather
Birth28 Mar 1809, Sevier Co TN1209,1210,296
Death15 Jun 1882, Iron Co MO Age: 73
Burial15 Jun 1882, Emma Glover Baptist Church Cemetery, Iron Co MO1196,1211
FatherJoseph Curran Huff II (1770-1856)
MotherSarah Hill (ca1780-1845)
1Louvina Kear 1184,1212, GGG Grandmother
Birth2 Jun 1808, Rutherford Co NC1213,1194,296
Death30 Jun 1901, 3-12's Home296 Age: 93
Burial30 Jun 1901, Glover Baptist Church Cemetery, Glover, Iron Co MO
FatherJames Kear (1753->1835)
MotherMary (Mollie) Shelton (1770->1830)
Marriage25 Jan 18271210,296
ChildrenMatilda Marzee (1827-1915)
 William Henry (1829-1887)
 Sarah ‘sally’ (1831-1905)
 Mary ‘Polly’ (1832-1906)
 Senith Dianah (1834-1898)
 Elizabeth “Betty” (1837-1897)
 Joseph Curran (1839-1897)
 Jane (1841-<1900)
 Nancy (1843-1926)
 John Polk (1845-1883)
 M Luvina “Vine” (1847-1920)
 Caroline (1850-1937)
Notes for Joseph Curran Huff III
Submitted by Eileen Martine Bone, 450 Franklin, Carlyle, IL 622311214

Joseph Curran Huff, Sr. (III), was born March 28, 1809, on an island in Sevier Co., TN, the son of Joseph Huff, II. January 25, 1827, he married Luvina KEAR and came to Iron Co., to clear land where the Baptist Home is located. Receiving word that Grandfather, Joseph I, had died, he went back to Tennessee to settle the estate, rowing across the river on a raft to reach the island of his birth. Like his father, young Joseph would have fist-fighting contests during the trips.

Frequently Joseph moved before a cabin was completed -- a neighbor's chimney smoke was too close. Spring of 1831, while hunting, he wandered into the woods that later became Glover, a permanent location for Luvina and the babies, cool springs and Big Creek running nearby.

He took his hides, animal tallow, and salted meat over a natural pass to St. Genevieve. Heavy snow imminent, with chimney unfinished, an animal skin for a door, Joseph warned Luvina to keep the fire going to ward off predators. The next day, panther tracks showed attempted entry.

Known as thrifty, Jospeh brought a bundle of cherry wood from Tennessee to build his own coffin. Luvina's Scottish practicality refused to allow it ... a corner cabinet stands tribute, today.

Night time predators frequented the pig pen ... a brown bear seeking a pork dinner became the dinner, as did the accidentally killed pig.

After mortally wounding a bear, Joseph crawled into a small cave, a rope tied to his ankle so companion "Ellington" could pull him out. The wounded bear growled, Joe yelled, Ellington pulled, Joe's head smacked a boulder and he was pulled "out cold." The family ate pork that night.

Although enrolled in Co. F, White's Regiment, Mo Infantry Volunteers, Joe was exempted September 23, 1862, "being 53 years old."

Joseph died June 15, 1882, and was buried in the Big Creek Baptist Church Cemetery.

Matilda Huff, b. Oct. 17, 1827; married Rev. John Green, Baptist preacher; died 1915, Texas.
William Huff, b. June 2, 1829; md (1) Mary Hampton, (2) Miss Thompkins, (3) Martha Thompkins. By family tradition started Battle of Pilot Knob.
Sarah Huff, b. Jan. 25, 1831; md (1) William McFaddin, (2) William Swaringim.
Mary Huff, b. Aug. 10, 1832; md Elias Lane, died Arkansas.
Dianah Huff, b. Nov. 15, 1834; md Rev. Issac Lane; died 1898.
Elizabeth Huff, b. Mar. 19, 1837; md Richard Rouse; died 1897.
Joseph Curran Huff, (IV), b. Apr. 6, 1839; md (1) Rachel Smith, (2) Mary "Josephine" Sheppard.
Jane Huff, b. May 31, 1841; md alexander Robbs; died 1864.
Nancy Huff, b Apr 17, 1843; md William Robbs, Jr.
John Huff, b. Dec. 22, 1845; md (1) Emeline Seal, (2) Jane Dunn.
Luvina Huff, b Sep 29, 1847; md William Gilman.
Caroline Huff, b Oct 16, 1850; md George Scoggin.
Notes for Joseph Curran Huff III
'Civil War Soldiers of Madison Co., MO (& Surrounding Counties)' by Geraldine Sanders Smith
Page 268
Born: 28 Mar 1809 Sevier Co., TN son of Joseph HUFF
Married: 25 Jan 1827 to Luvina KEAR
Enlisted: Co 'F' White's Regiment MO Infantry Volunteers Exempted: 23 September 1862 "being 52 y/o"
Died: 15 June 1882 Buried Glover Baptist Church Cemetery, Glover, Iron Co., MO

1840 (Liberty Twp), Madison Co., MO
HUFF, Joseph 1-0-1-0-0-1 / 2-2-1-0-0-1
males 0-5 yr = 1 (Joseph b. 1839))
males 5-10 = 0
males 10-15 = 1 (son I haven't found, yet - or nephew?)
males 15-20 = 0
males 20-30 = 0
males 30-40 = 1 (this would be Joseph b. 1808 - he would be abt 31 in this census)
females 0-5 = 2 (daughters Elizabeth b. 1837 & Diannah b. 1834 )
females 5-10 = 2 (Mary P. b. 1832, Sally b. 1831,)
females 10-15 = 1 (Matilda b. ca 1828)
females 15-20 = 0
females 20-30 = 0
females 30-40 = 1 (Luvina b. 1808)

(Note: living in close proximity is HUFF, John 2-1-0-0-0-1 / 0-0-0-0-1; HUFF, SARAH 0-0-0-0-3 (male btw 20-30) / 0-0-0-1-2-0-0-1 (1 female btw15-20, 2 btw 20-30, one btw 50-60 years old); HUFF, Joseph 1-0-1-0-0-1 /2-2-1-0-0-1 --- RANDOLPH LANE also lives in this township)

28 Aug 1850 54th District, Madison CO., MO (M432-405); Family #488
HUFF, Joe - 41y - TN
HUFF, Luvina - 42 - NC
HUFF, Sally - 19 - MO
HUFF, Mary - 17 - MO [she is known as 'Polly' & eventually marries Elias Lane, s/o Randolph Lane)
HUFF, Dianna - 15 - MO [given name is Senith Dianah & eventually marries Isaac Lane, s/o Randolph)
HUFF, Elizabeth - 13 - MO
HUFF, Joseph - 11 - MO
HUFF, Jane - 9 - MO
HUFF, Nancy - 7 - MO
HUFF, John - 5 - MO
HUFF, Luvina - 3 - MO
GREEN, John - 29 - TN - married (married within the year)
GREEN, Matilda - 22 - TN - married (married within the year)

(Note: RANDOLPH LANE lives 4 houses down)

13 July 1860 PO Polk Spring, Liberty Twp., Iron Co., MO; dwelling #895/family #874:
HUFF, Joseph- 51y - TN - farmer
HUFF, Lavina - 52 - NC
HUFF, John P. - 14 - MO
HUFF, Lavina - 12 - MO
HUFF, Carolina - 9 - MO

5 July 1870 Census of Iron Co MO

Name Age

Joseph Huff 61
Levina Huff 62
Levina Huff 21

8-9 June 1880 Census of Liberty, Iron Co MO

Name Age

Joseph Huff 71
Lavina Huff 71
Notes for Louvina (Spouse 1)
Luvina Kear was the sister of Mary Kear, wife of Bill Huff, brother of Luvina’s husband Joseph Curran Huff III. Luvina’s parents were James Kear of Scotland and Molly Shelton, of Rutherford Co NC, where Luvina was born. Eileen Bone, author of “Shirt Tail Kin”, wrote that Luvina told all of the stories about her husband and his exploits to her children. Caroline Scoggin, Luvina’s daughter, is said to have kept the family stories in her mind, telling them over and over to other members of the family. The stories were passed to Eileen by Caroline’s granddaughter, Carolyn Goff Allers.296
Notes for Louvina (Spouse 1)
Iron Co MO dates from the middle of the 19th century. In 1853, the most famous of the wooden roads, and the longest in the United States, was the Ste. Genevieve, Iron Mountain and Pilot Knob road. The 42 mile road connected Ste. Genevieve and Iron Mountain by way of Farmington. Heavy loads of Iron Ore and farm products creaked over it and through its five toll gates. The road was completed in 1853. It was used until 1857 when the Iron Mountain railroad was built in Pilot Knob.

The Glover Baptist Church was organized in 1854. Eventually both Joseph Curran Huff III and Louvina Kear Huff were buried in the cemetery of this church, and it is likely that John F. Green preached sermons in it before moving to Texas in 1865.

Iron Co was the site of numerous activities in the Civil War. Fort Davidson was bulit in 1861 and the Battle of Pilot Knob was fought at Fort Davidson in 1864. The Courthouse changed hands between the Confederate and Union forces two times each during the Battle of Pilot Knob.

Possibly in the aftermath of the Civil War hostilities, the Reverand John F. Green took his wife Matilda Marzee Huff Green and their five children to Texas in 1865.
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