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Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameRoger Shackelford , 7G Grandfather
Birth23 Apr 1629, Old Alresford, Hampton485,494
Death1704, VA Age: 74
FatherJohn Shackelford (ca1600-ca1647)
1Mary Palmer , 7G Grandmother
Birth3 Mar 1635, Old Alresford, Hampshire, England
FatherEdward Palmer (1590-)
Marriage1660, Essex Co VA485
 James (ca1662-<1734)
 Francis (ca1664-ca1726)
 John (ca1670-1734)
Notes for Roger Shackelford
Roger Shackleford born 23 April 1629 in Old Alesford, Hampshire, England, arrived in Gloucester, VA before 1678, probably by 1658. He is mentioned in Gloucester in 1678 when he purchases 313 acres but owned land prior to that date. He died after 1704 as he appears on the 1704 Quit Rent Roll. Roger married Mary Palmer, daughter of Edward Palmer ca 1656 in Essex, VA. Mary was born 1635 in Warwick, England. Roger and Mary had known sons: Francis, John, James, Roger, Zachariah and Henry and may have had daughters Mary, Ann, Hanna and Sarah.490

It is highly likely tht Roger is identical with the Roger Shackelford mentioned in the will of John Shackelford of New Alresford, dated 26th and proved in Bishops’ Court, 30th March, 1647.495

Children of Roger Shackleford and Mary Palmer.496

See also a brief description of the unincorporated community of Shackelfords, VA, which derives its name from the Shackelford family.497


Posted: Tue Nov 28, 2006 7:41 am Post subject: Who was the first Shackelford immigrant?498

American immigrant, the father of the family in America that is known as either Shackelford or Shackleford and there seems to be some dispute, one branch claiming that the immigrant was John, others claiming that he was Roger. Those who accept John as the immigrant make the claim that John was a "Knight and Cavalier" of Charles I, when on his arrest, he (John) fled the country to save his head. Quoting from page 37, " The Shackelford Family", by Col Robert B. Shackleford, "One authority" Minor Gibson, wrote an account of the family for publication in the Genealogical Column of the Richmond Times Dispatch, about thirty years ago. And in this account it is stated that the founder of the family in Virginia was John, who settled in King & Queen County, Virginia, in 1649. But this County was not formed until 1691, when it was cut off from New Kent. He further states that it is not known whom he (John) married, but it is supposed to have been in The Colony, late in life. He is known to have had two sons--John and Benjamin. John married the eldest daughter of John Livingston, of South Carolina, who emigrated from Scotland, et cetera". End of quote.

From all the records available, and from those seen and noted, we are forced to believe that John, who married Miss Livingston, was a son of Roger. That is, as to what became of the John who married Miss Livingston. Now back to Roger. Col Robert B. Shackelford, of Cismont, Virginia, published his book--"The Shackelford Family", in 1940. In his examination of the records he went to great lengths to discover the origin of the family in America, and in his book he quotes letters from a Mr Anthony R. Wagner, of London, who made the search for the name over there. And among the many letters, wills, deeds and other records, Mr Wagner enclosed the Will of John Shackelford, a butcher of New Alresford. Will dated March 26, and proved in Bishop's Court, Winchester, March 30, 1647. And in this Will he mentioned his cousin Richard Shackelford and five children of his cousin John Shackelford, deceased. And the five children of the deceased John, were as follows:

(1) John Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, December 23, 1647.
(2) Roger Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, April 23, 1629.
(3) Charles Shackelford, baptized Old Alresford, January 25, 1630.
(4) Christopher Shackelford-baptized Old Alresford March 10, 1632.
(5) Ingram Shackelford-baptized Old Alresford, October 12, 1636.

Of the eighteen wills and documents sent to Col Shackelford by Mr Wagner, the name of Roger appeared only one time--that mentioned in the Will of John the butcher, of New Alresford. Now those who claim that John was the immigrant say that he was living in King & Queen in 1649, but King & Queen was not created until 1691.

It is known, according to Col Shackelford, that one Edward Palmer, from England, received a patent of grant of land, of 400 acres in Gloucester Co., Virginia., for the transportation of eight persons into Virginia, including Roger Shackelford. The date of this grant was June 4, 1658. Edward Palmer had a sister Mary on the above list, and there is good reason to believe that Roger Shackelford married Mary Palmer. But no proof. The first time that Roger himself appears as of record, is the year 1678. Land Book VI, page 665, dated Nov 20, 1678, when he is granted 313 acres of land in Gloucester Co, Va. That was during the Governorship of Sir Robert Jeffries, or Sir Herbert Jeffries. And while space forbids copying the entire document, it, by its wording, shows that Roger Shackelford had one plantation in addition to the above grant. So this grant of 313 acres was not the first land that he possessed in Virginia.

The date of Roger's death is unknown, but as far as any records that have been found are concerned, his name last appears on the Quit Rent Roll for 1704. It is obvious then, that he died after that date. Joel Walker Shackelford, (1851-1916) of Denver, Colo., the first to start a Shackelford history but who died before completing it, wrote Mrs Jane Shackelford-McCready, of Charleston, South Carolina, that he had located the tombstone of Roger, at West Point, in King William Co., not far from Shackelford village, Gloucester Co, Va. But Rev F. S. Moseley, of Montgomery, Ala., assisted by the daughter of Joel Walker Shackelford, carefully went through all of his papers, and the tombstone record of Roger could not be found. Now since there is documentary proof that Roger came to America as early as 1658, most accept him as the immigrant. Roger, the immigrant, is known to have had four sons, namely-James, Francis, John and Zachariah, and probably others. Mr Edward Madison Shackelford and Rev Moseley, in their book, name three others--Benjamin, Charles, and Roger, Jr; and then they mention a William who was in Carteret County, North Carolina, 1726-31, as a possible son of Roger, the immigrant, also.

This is actually an old argument and I think it is fairly clear now as to who it is.
Notes for Roger Shackelford
Descendants of William De Shackelford499

Generation No. 4

4.ROGER4 SHACKELFORD (JOHN3, LANCELOT2, WILLIAM1DE SHACKELFORD) was born April 23, 1629 in Baptized, Old Alresford, England, and died 1724 in Kings and Queen Co., Virgina.He married MARY PALMER 1660 in Essex Co., Virginia, daughter of EDWARD PALMER.


It is generally conceded by those who have been interested in studying the history and genealogy of the Shackelford family in Virginia that the immigrant was named Roger. One writer has stated that the immigrant was John, but it is my belief that John was a son of Roger. The above referred to writer states that John was living in King and Queen County in 1649. I have not been able to substantiate this. King and Queen was not formed from New Kent until 1691.

It is known, however, from the records that Edward Palmer, from England, received a patent or grant of 400 acres in Gloucester for the transportation of eight persons, including Roger Shackelford. The date of this grant was June 4, 1658. The actual arrival of those transported must have been a year or more before this date.

Edward Palmer had a sister, Mary, on this list and there is good reason to believe Roger Shackelford married Mary Palmer. The following land grant (Land Book VI, p. 665) to Roger appears under date of Nov. 20, 1678, during the Governorship of Sir Herbert Jeffries.

"Roger Shackelford-313 acres of land in Gloucester County, Virginia, beginning to be measured at a corner chestnut tree standing near Mataponyold path and touching the land of Edward Parker (or Palmer?), Mr. Patridge, by the branch on the back side of the said Roger Shackelford's now plantation. The land being due the said Roger Shackelford by two several purchases and by virtue of a deed of sale from Mr. Samuel Patridge and Thomas Hawks (?) who are now both deceased and now plainly marked with lines and corner trees according to the above mentioned bounds". (Note: - By the wording of the above it is seen that Roger already had one plantation.)

In Virginia Quit Rent Rolls taken 1704, "a true account of the lands in King and Queen County, Virginia, as it was taken by Robert Bird, Sheriff, we find the name Roger Shackelford, 250 acres". Roger Shackelford appears as a member of the vestry of Petsworth Parish, Sept. 13, 1679. On October 14, 1680, Roger was appointed Church Warden, in same Parish for the "ensuing year" for upper part of Parish. Roger was present as a Warden at a Vestry Meeting, Oct. 24, 1682 and again Sept. 24, 1683. At that time in Virginia's history Vestrymen and Wardens and those elected "to procession", were chosen only from the most substantial citizens.

I do not know the exact location in either Gloucester or King and Queen counties where Roger and Mary Palmer, his wife, lived. Search has been made to find Roger's will, but without success. The date of his death and place of burial are also lost to any records I can find, but he must have died after 1704, as he appears on the Quit Rent Roll for that year.

It is not definitely known how many children he left to survive him, but certainly James, Francis and John were his sons, also Zachariah and very probably others. Source:Robert B. Shackelford, Lt. Col., Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.), The Shackelford Family - Its English and American Origins, And Some of Its Branches (Jarman's Inc., Printers, Charlottesville, VA 1940)

Roger Shackleford was baptized in Old Arlesford, Hampshire, England 23 Apr 1629. He came to Virginia before 1658 and married Mary Palmer in 1660. In his book The Shackelford Family, Its English and American Origins (published in 1940), Robert B. Shackelford reprints his correspondence with his English researcher, Anthony R. Wagner.(Shackelford and Wagner evidently developed a friendship by mail, and the Wagners eventually visited the Shackelfords in the United States.)In a letter dated 6th December, 1938, Wagner wrote: His [Roger's] father's name, as has been said, was John; but I have not yet established this John's identity or parentage definitely, though it is possible that he is identical with the John Shackleford named as son and executor in the Will of Lancelot Shackleford, cloth worker of New Alresford dated 10th and proved 29th April 1626.Supposing this identity were proved, it will, I am afraid, prove difficult to carry the pedigree further, since two important Wills named in the Calendar [referring to the register of Wills sbt] at Winchester--those of John Shackleford of New Alresford dated 1588, and of Laurence Shackleford of New Alresford dated 1588 also cannot now be found.

In George Shackelford, Annette Jeter and Descendants (published 1941) E.M. Shackelford and Franklin Shackelford Moseley make many references to the work of Minor Gibson around the beginning of this entury.Gibson evidently identified a Henry de Shackleford, a Huguenot sympathizer who went to France in 1550 and eventually died in the Netherlands.He further mentions a William de Shackleford (son of Henry?--my notes unclear) whose son, probably John, returned to England and joined the Army of Charles I. Gibson evidently assumed that this John was the same John as the father of Roger the immigrant.Shackelford and Moseley seem to view Roger as a "knight cavalier" who fled England after Charles' execution.Their depiction of the Shacklefords is decidedly more upper class than that reflected in the wills and other records cited in Robert Shackelford's book.It seems to me clear that there were Shackelfords of the upper classes and even the nobility prior to our Roger's father. It seems likely that Roger was descended from them. However, I have not found clear documentation of exact descent in the sources I have seen. According to Gibson, E.M. Shackelford, and Moseley we may all be descended from Jacques le Forte, a Norman noble who came to England with William the Conqueror and was granted land by William for his aid in the conquest of England. (Sara Binkley Tarpley)

Rogers' will has not been found, but the following list of sons is probably correct.

Roger was one of the persons transported to Virginia (USA) by Edward Palmer, who received 400 acres of land for so doing. This Roger was supposed to have fled England to save his head.He is likely the same Roger baptized April 23, 1629. He would have been about 20 in 1649, the date given by Minor Gibson as the date of entry into the colonies. He arrived in VA on 6/4/1658. (ref:Vol II, Echoes of The Past) From the book Lost Records of Virginia A True Account of the Lands in King & Queen County as It was taken by Robert Bird Sheriff in the year 1704 shows Shackelford, Roger 250 acres

From the book Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666, Abstracted and indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1963.
From Virginia Patent Book No. 4 Edward Palmer, 400 acs. in Petomeck freshes, lyeing up a creek between land of Capt. Brent called Puscatoway Neck & land of Henry Vincent. 4 June 1658, p. 179. Trans. of 8 pers: Mary Palmer, Roger Shackleforth, Tho. Hall, Thomas Kibble, Guy Knight, Jane Annis, Richard Palmer. (From the 1683 transcription of the book by Clerk Edward Harrison.) [Note:The London Company paid 50 acres of land for each immigrant whose passage a person paid. According to Robert Shackelford in his book The Shackelford Family, Its English and American Origins, Edward Palmer was the brother of Mary Palmer. I do not know his source for this information.sbt]
From the book Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1666-1695, Abstracted and indexed by Nell Marion Nugent, Baltimore Genealogical Publishing Company, 1963.
p. 29 Patent Book No. 6
Dunkin Bohono (Bohonno) & Jno. Mechen, 22 acs. Gloster col, upon the head of the E. Most Riv. in Mockjack Bay; 20 Dec. 1667. p. 102. Adj. lands of Mr. Armestead & Capt. Dudley. Trans. of 4 pers:Tho. Arnis (or Amis), John Blan, Roger Shackleford, John Thomas. [Note:It is not clear why a second person is shown as being paid for the transportation of Roger Shackleford or whether this might be a
different Roger Shackelford. There is record of only one Roger Shackelford in England at this time period according to Robert Shackelford's book.]
p. 192, Patent Book No. 6
Roger Shackleford (Shakleford) 313 acs. Gloster col, 20 Nov. 1678,
p. 665. Neer Matapony old path; by Edwd. Parker's path, to Mr. patridge's whole devdt., made by Robt. Beverley; to his own plantation; adj. William Norman & Thomas Amies' land, &c.Said land due by two purchases from Mr. Samll. Patridge & Thomas Hancks (or Haucks), who are now both deceased.
p. 201, Patent Book No. 7
Charles Roane, 700 acs. Gloster Co., upon Dragon Sw., p. 2.Adj. John Cant, Thomas Dawkins, Roger Shackleford, Jno. Davies, Mr. Jno. Carver, James Reynolds & c.(Record mutilated and torn from book.)
p. 220, Patent Book No. 7
[An entry for the land of Charles Roan, 700 acs., in Gloster. [sic] County, shows that it is adjacent to the land of Roger Shackleford. sbt]
Patent Book No. 8
[An entry shows John Williams' land in King & Queen County to be adjacent to that of Mr. Roger Shakleford [sic].sbt]
Mr. Roger Shackleford is shown as a Vestryman and Warden of Petworth Parish between 1679-1684.
Petworth Parish Vestry book, cited by Robert Baylor Shackelford in his book The Shackelford Family, Its English and American Origins.


Fact 1: April 23, 1629, Baptized, Old Alresford Parish, Hampshire, England.

i. ZACHARIAH5 SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., Virginia.
The remaining son of Roger, the immigrant, Zachariah, also settled in King and Queen County. In the pews allotted to families in the "New" Church, Stratton-Major Parish, we find Zachariah, Sr. and Zachariah, Jr., and others, including Major Richard Shackelford and family, John, Benjamin, William, Lyne, Mrs. Frances Shackelford, widow, Daniel Shackelford and wife.
Source:Robert B. Shackelford, Lt. Col., Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.), The Shackelford Family - Its English and American Origins, And Some of Its Branches (Jarman's Inc., Printers, Charlottesville, VA 1940)
ii. CHARLES SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., Virginia.
iii. ROGER SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., Virginia.
iv. WILLIAM SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., Virginia.
v. ROBERT SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., VA.
vi. HENRY SHACKELFORD, b. Gloucester Co., Virginia.
vii. BENJAMIN SHACKELFORD, b. WFT Est. 1650-1679, Gloucester Co., VA; d. WFT Est. 1656-1758.
7. viii. JAMES SHACKELFORD, b. Abt. 1662, Gloucester Co., Virginia; d. Bef. 1734, Gloucester Co., Virginia.
8. ix. FRANCIS SHACKELFORD, b. 1664, Essex Co., Virginia; d. 1726, Carteret, North Carolina.
9. x. JOHN SHACKELFORD, b. Abt. 1670, Gloucester Co., Virginia; d. March 29, 1734, Craven Co., North Carolina.
Notes for Mary (Spouse 1)
Mary Palmer was the daughter of Edward Palmer, who organized the voyage from London to VA that brought Roger Shackelford and Mary Palmer to the colonies.490 Another source says that Mary Palmer was the sister of Edward Palmer.500
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