Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
Heathcock Genealogy Database - Person Sheet
NameFrank Cisco Chavedo , 1C2R
Birth23 Feb 1886, Uvalde, TX
Death5 Jun 1955, Wheeler, TX Age: 69
BurialKelton, TX Cemetery1960
FatherJose Francisco Chavedo (1855-1895)
MotherRebecca “Beckie” Green (<1860-1896)
Birth9 Jun 1893, TX
DeathApr 1973, Shamrock, Wheeler Co TX11 Age: 79
BurialKelton, TX Cemetery1960
Marriage29 Nov 1908, Reed, OK1960
ChildrenJuanita Marzee “Sister” (1910-1985)
 Frankie May (1912-1980)
 Lila Marie (1916-1983)
 Naomi Margaret (1918-)
 Eula Mable (1920-2011)
 Ellen Elizabeth (1932-1984)
 Charlie Joe (1935-1962)
Notes for Frank Cisco Chavedo
Frank Chavedo was admitted to Buckner’s Orphanage on 5 March 1896. The application for admission was signed by his grandfather, John F. Green. He remained at the orphanage until 1902.1962

Frank Chevade, age 13, is listed as an inmate of Buckner’s Orphanage in the 1900 census of Dallas Co, TX.

1910 census of Texola, Beckham Co OK:

Chevedo, Frank head M W 24 m(2) TX MX TX
–––, Gertrude M. wife F W 17 m(2) TX NY NY
–––, Juanita M. dau F W 3/12 OK TX TX

Bliss, George E. head M W 20 m(4) TX NY NY
–––, Ethel M. wife F W 19 m(4) TX MS MS
–––, Willie E. son M W 2 TX TX TX
–––, Oliver J. son M W 1 TX TX TX

Presumably, George Bliss is the brother of Gertrude Bliss Chevado.

1920 census of Texola, Beckham Co OK:

Chevedo, Frank head M W 33 m TX MX TX farmer
–––, Gertrude M wife F W 26 m TX NY NY
–––, Juanita M. dau F W 9 4/12 OK TX TX
–––, Frankie M. dau F W 7 2/12 OK TX TX
–––, Lilah M. dau F W 3 10/12 OK TX TX
–––, Naoma M. dau F W 2 OK TX TX

1930 census of Dallam Co TX:

Charldo, Frank head M W 44 m TX MX TX
–––, Gertrude wife F W 36 m TX NY NY
–––, Frankie dau F W 18 OK TX TX
–––, Lyla dau F W 14 OK TX TX
–––, Naomi dau F W 12 OK TX TX
–––, Eula dau F W 10 OK TX TX
–––, Rebecca dau F W 2 2/12 OK TX TX
Bliss, Richard nephew M W 14 OK TX TX

Following is a personal recollection of Frank Chavedo’s granddaughter:1960

“The house my grandparents lived in is still standing 1 mile west of Kelton. Grandpa (with help from the girls) made the cement blocks and built that house. They were living there when a young Dock Hamilton returned from the War, met and married Becky. He was 26, she was 19. The rest is history.

“Grandpa died when I was only 5 y/o but I remember lots about him because he was such a character. He was 5' 2" tall with large facial features. He loved to play games (especially Dominoes) and tricks. He taught my sister and I how to "stretch" out our pinkie toe away from our foot. He could make the table "talk". Have you ever seen or heard of that? I'll tell you about it if not. Four people sitting on each side of a card table rub their hands on the table until the static electricity builds up enough to actually raise the table off the floor. Of course, he told us it was "magic".

“They lived out in Kelton, TX and it was so cold in that house. I remember the old Ben Franklin pot bellied stove in the living room (with an ash pan in front that served as a spittoon), water was drawn from a well in the back yard with a water bucket sitting on the kitchen cabinet and a dipper hanging on the side for all to get a drink of water, Grandma had a kerosene cook stove that covered an entire wall. It had about 4 or 6 burners and an oven, the kerosene can fit into the end. It operated much like a Coleman stove. You had to pump it to get the pressure up for the stove to burn. The best biscuits you ever tasted came out of that oven and Grandma always had fresh plum jelly to go on them.  Of course, dishwater was heated on that stove,  "bath water" was sat on the wood stove in the living room because it was too cold to bath in the kitchen.

“On one of my trips to visit Grandma's old house I picked up the Kerosene tank from her cook stove. The stove was gone, my mother had one of the Kerosene cans painted with a picture of the old house and I have it.”
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